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In hardcore cases it takes up to minutes. Register a new account. List your system specs if the information of your hardware does NOT match the DX Diag or information was omitted from the report. It was really suggested to add such a feature.

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SEG is one of the most difficult to handle units in the mod, so it takes some time to learn.

Another simple one, If it's a truck like this, your going to need a fire squad with Scuba, Have at least three hoses on the truck to stop the gas from spreading. Once your fire team has arrived select your squad leader and select the "Ground Overhead Cable" Option, and select the train, your Fireman will grab a Grounder and head towards the train. The SEG guys won't leave their group so you'll need to get one of the regular emergency doctors out. If all are in the ambo it should automatically return to the nearest hospital or center.

After it does it's diagnostic save the information and upload it. The min number various between vechiles and the responce type.

Actually, the mod isn't too bad on that it's complicated in other waysbut the process of acquiring it and setting it up was a slight hassle. I though that was a plan feature. Best way is to use the updater. There's also a bunch of features that you activate by using Alt, Ctrl and Shift, both right and left. Assistance Requests that fail to do the above mentioned tasks will be virtually impossible to diagnose and assist in repairing.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. Keep the Basic medic wintwrberg him until the doctor arrives the doctor will automatically arrive on scene, grab his gear and head towards the victim, once treatment is completed have you second ambo crewman selected and have him use the "Pick up Victim" command, him and the basic medic will run back to the ambo to get a stretcher and return to pick him up, they will bring him back, If the Senior doctor was needed, he will also get in the ambo. D1 arrives faster on the map than D2.

Winterberg is really hard to get a hold of. Posted July 10, It can be called multiple times. As such, they will most likely remain unanswered or be deleted! The problem is, almost all fire units in the game are volunteers. It will wibterberg show you all fire alerts and the status of all units live. As their are volunteers, it takes some time for them to run to the house, change to their gear and get in the car. Hahaha, congrats, you discovered the SEG, the Schnelleinsatzgruppe - they're the medical special task force, so to say.

Due to this, could everyone please check their own signature, ensuring that it complies with the site rules. Your logfile displays a lot of errors concerning the Winterberg mod Police cars and fire trucks. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I have a windows works file on my pc with some english commands especially from the fire captain and commander commands. That way at least something get on site and know if they need to call additional resource.

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English translation can be found here: List your system specs if the information of your hardware does NOT match the DX Diag or information was omitted from the report. Those medics will tell you if they cannot handle that emergency A text like this will appear: As said before, those is the medical menu. Windows sometimes also tells that Emergency is not responding. The most basic of all calls, quick and simple for beginners, Ambos will arrive with two guys, one man will automatically go to the back and get a medical aid box.

The LNA will go there and start to check all victims for their emergencg this may take some time, don't stop the LNA, even if it looks like he is doing nothing, thats normal at the beginning.

I will do it tomorrow if I find the time then. D1 and D2 are the two RTH, the rescue helicopters.

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