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The Cisco program group was missing altogether. I was hoping that I could use your method to fix the issue, and I have followed your instructions to the letter. Stepped into the Win10 upgrade trap here too.

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It did not work the first time I tried, so I followed someone else's recommendation and uninstalled all previous versions, the DNE updater, cleared temp files, deleted gloal entries and rebooted. The solution didn't work for me initially.

I have a surface pro 3 the first version and it was originally on Windows 8. I have done everything I have seen and I am still getting an error reason Extract the VPN client file out into a folder.

Thanks, worked as a charm: All of them give me Error Note that before applying the regedit step, I had the dreaded error. It works after doing step 1 and step 2.

How to install Cisco VPN client on Windows 10 | TechRadar

I uninstalled reinstalled a few times using cisco. I still don't understand as icsco why i need to install Dell SonicWall in order the cisco vpn to work.

Doensn't work on a Windows 10 Pro on newest patch level. I then followed the steps above and did the optional step 3, just in case and when I launched VPN client, it worked like a charm. I upgraded to Win10 today and I need this going tomorrow: I think ciscl company's vpn detects the unauthorized client and forces me to re-sync the secure id.

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Fortunately I had the. Any chance you know a fix for this? I wish I had seen this earlier! After importing my cisco profile from: Also tried to activate logging but the log window only shows: Only on these Win10 fresh installs it's happening, and nothing shows on the logs. Any ideas on how to solve this.

Thank You so so much! I tried without the reg hack and the VPN software threw and error about not being able to configure the virtual adapter. Download cisci installation help.

Now connected after a few hours of useless internet surf. This resolved a gkobal that could have crippled some of the users in my organization. I just rolled back and won't have tume to re-upgrade until the weekend.

Worked great for me on a clean Windows 10 installation. The service, some files, and most of the registry entries were removed.

Would you posit a guess? Thanks for your help! It used to work on 8. Unknown error occurred at peer At the server side all seems ok: Maybe something is missing from Shrew but this fix works like a charm. This was very helpful. Thank you for the solution.

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