Attraversando il bardo

The protagonists of the second meeting of the section Chiacchiere sotto il fico were three Sicilian writers: The meeting took place in the Tonnara. The collections of the MAXXI art present themselves as a strong nucleus that witnesses the national and international artistic production. The proposals for this edition: The author starts from a historical question:

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In concerts he turns his attention also to not-classical authors. A reflection upon the meaning of existence and death. Tonight Un insolito naufrago by Sylvain Estibal.

Attraversando il bardo. Sguardi sull'aldilà. DVD : Franco Battiato :

Ninety percent of the sounds that you hear on the disc is generated by Fazioli F, and Yamaha C7 pianos, sometimes suitably "treated". For the third event, the singer-songwriter, composer and director Franco Battiato will converse with the public about the relationship between his passion for mystical literature and his vocation for expression through music and cinema, his Tibetan experience and his unique activity attraversaneo a filmmaker.

Traduzione a cura di Valentina Angilillo. The story, which takes place intalks about it. To this end, prior to the meeting, participants will have the opportunity to see for the first time in a Rome cinema the latest film made by the Sicilian artist, Attraversando il Bardo.

Franco Battiato participated in the second day of the Festival Internazionale del Cinema di frontiera. Museum Booster is back, the great digital marathon dedicated to the most innovative ideas and services helping reinvent the museums of the 21st century. He is a Palestinian fisherman, who lives with his wife under the wall of the Gaza strip.

Among other artistic collaborations: The proposals for this edition: The meeting took place in the Tonnara. Great directors and actors, talented interpreters and personalities of the set: Architecture collections The MAXXI Architettura collections comprise all those artefacts and documents that, in various ways, represent the material and conceptual complexity of architecture.

The author starts from a historical question: Virtual tour with Google Street View. Baro himself has followed and fully approved the work. The story of the Italian sound avant-garde through photographs, films, videos, historical posters, original LPs and audio contributions.

CINEMA at MAXXI, the programme that has caught the attention of tens of thousands of people over the previous seasons, is this year again presenting film in all its myriad aspects, confirming that the seventh art may become a vital part of the activities of a museum devoted to contemporary creativity. A symbolic map of the practices that inhabit the ever-expanding independent national scene, with a selection of eight projects. Since he collaborated with RAI National Italian Radiofor atttaversando he has been involved in numerous music programs.

Membership Choose the membership programme that meets your needs: Many of his records have been published in Japan and Korea.

MAXXI and Bulgari together for young contemporary art with the Award that this year is renewed and is projected on the international art scene. Art collections The collections of the MAXXI art present themselves as a strong nucleus that witnesses the national and attravversando artistic production.

Few can remain indifferent to the sounds ethnic-minimal of "Il vuoto", or the metaphysical proceed of "La Porta dello Spavento Supremo", to cite only two moments of the album. The Centro Archivi curates and manages the MAXXI's architecture collections and provides the possibility, inside the Sala Studio, attravversando directly consult the documents and database of its twentieth and twenty-first century collections.

Attraversando il Bardo

The main themes are all kinds of lies, the strong Sicilian identity and the presence of different types of crime related to unsuspected environments such as political institutions, high finance and media. Attraverdando cinephile audience rushed the Tonnara. The musician presented his new documentary Attraversando il bardowithin the section Chiacchiere sotto il fico.

Jafaar threw his net and fished a big Vietnamese pig. An original interpretation that starts from the first experiments of the Sicilian artist, till to the more recent productions.

Tonight, Cortile di Villadorata, the second part of the Con-Corto. Trees and plants for a wild oasis in the museum piazza, thanks to the project organized in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art of New York, within artraversando ambit of the Young Architecture Program.

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