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Improved the support for previewing the DVD sources. A problem that some special discs cannot be opened. The new version is codenamed as version A problem that 3d. Introduced the redesigned Video Edit feature in Ripper and Converter modules.

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A problem that imported source files cannot be removed.

Added the support to change UI skins. A problem that profiles uses too much memory. Added support for new Java-based protection.

Added "Show the option selection window" in General settings. July 28, DVDFab April 03, DVDFab A problem that failed to rip Blu-ray disc to avi. Separated the Youtube Video Downloader from the Video Converter module and moved it to the Utilities tab as a free tool.

dbdfab November 03, DVDFab Added the support to remove Cinavia watermarks from Blu-rays with the Full Disc mode. A problem that the Volume Level option cannot work.

July 27, DVDFab 5. Added support for a new copy protection as found on "Jack Reacher".

A conversion failure problem when using 2-pass encoding method in Ripper. Introduced the redesigned Video Edit feature in Ripper and Converter modules. Added the support to remove Cinavia watermark found on dvddab Dead Man Down length 1: June 30, DVDFab Improved the accuracy of calculation for copying Blu-ray video output bitrate. StealthyClone works closer with BluPath now, which means we can remove Java protection completely based on the BluPath result.

Added the support to remove the country code from Blu-rays. A crash problem when converting. A problem that the sub-menu of DVD is missing when playing back the copied full disc in certain cases.

Beta Version Download

Nww 16, DVDFab All the existing customers performing updates shall get DVDFab 9 back again, with identical capacities as you always have, although we will not sell DVDFab 9 to new customers any more. Added the support to remove the DRM encryptions of Audiobooks and music videos. A crash problem when saving personal profiles in Video Converter module. A freeze problem when creating Blu-ray with Intel Quick Sync enabled.

The All-New DVDFab 11

If you have installed the old version of software, you can easily update it by installing the latest version over the older one. A process failed problem when ripping with DXVA acceleration in certain cases.

July 25, DVDFab 9. An error problem when converting a Blu-ray to a 3D profile in certain cases. Wrong aspect ratio problem for Preview.

DVDFab for Windows Is Officially Released

August 29, DVDFab A freeze problem when ripping DVD to 3d. A crash problem when opening DVD source in certain cases. An error when copying DVD in nrw cases.

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