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Ported for the dingoo by Johnny on Flame, adjusted controls, sound and music, menus, etc. A dual boot installer dungoo "Dingux" was released June You will need either the shareware or full version of ROTT.

Emus are the same - they're separate from the firmware anyhow.

Dingoo A320

Make sure the battery is charged up before you start upgrading and don't interrupt the update while its in progress or you could corrupt the operating system. Where do they sell cases? Dingux Emulators, ported by Alien Grey: I have 2 hard cases for my GBMicro, so I'll see if either of those fit Your name or email address: I have both a Dingoo and a Wiz and I love both devices, even though they're somewhat redundant.

I just got dijgoo from Shoptemp with the discount code The only thing I think updating bought me, besides some cosmetic changes, was the Y-X button fix. Dingoo Versions There seem to be several versions of the Dingoo floating around on the market.

Linux can be run on it and it is possible to run gba games on it at fair speed.

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Such as UAE for example, which is amazing on such a tiny, low-cost device. Dingoo Digital Technology [1]. You would be able to pick up a turtle shell and jump without letting it go automatically.

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The converter app requires the zip to be in its working directory. Meh i got a PSP. Watch out for the Dingoo Ae romanaOneA30 26,in forum: Looks interesting, mostly just graphics changes by the looks of it it still shows as version 1.

LBLGamer Jun 4, VVoltz Aug 27, Shadow Warrior for the Dingux Sound not currently working. HTML codes are not allowed anywhere on this page otherwise you will see an error.

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I found a case on Ebay, but it seems overpriced. Webarchive template ggames links Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January TechnicalS Tuesday, May 11, Cherry Candy Raep Gaiden. This system takes the manic shooter approach up a notch and will hopefully make even the most sk The port uses SDL, making it easily cross-platform.

I think that's been solved with a firmware update months ago.

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