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Teton Gravity Research March 18 th , The film offers impressive footage of majestic snowcapped mountains and slopes. Thovex's more recent releases, One of those days and its imaginatively-title sequel One of those days 2 , have been far shorter in length and more in keeping with his earlier, slightly slapstick approach, albeit exquisitely filmed. I used to do too many things, like filming and contests and my event, so I was kind of losing the pleasure of skiing at one point.

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Few words - Candide Thovex - Soundtrack on Spotify

Skiing for me is not just park or powder, it's everything, and we are lucky enough that we have a sport where we can do everything. For roofers, touching one of these stars is a status symbol.

Satisfaction from poking her head around the next tree, Across the next creek, Around the next ridge,To tap new wells of fun in her backyard. The discipline originated in Russia, and this country continues setting the bar for excellence and creativity.

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This winter, we were in Austria, and I fell in a waterfall, and that was a tough time. There are actually very few ways to learn about him; you have to do it through his sporting achievements and by looking at how he interacts with his skis. So I just went out there and into the powder to see how my back was feeling, because I could not ski in the park--it was too painful.

The film was very much a labour of love for Thovex, who had rhovex been most well-known for somewhat quirkier, shorter clips which showcased his more playful side, such as a near-miss involving a cow, or for set pieces like his world-first jump across Chad's Gap in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah.

My only complaint is some of the interviews with family and wordss are only in French with no subtitles, but maybe this is my ignorance as a dumb American.

I was really close to getting drowned. In Europe, for more mainstream people who aren't skiers, the film still works, so it's pretty interesting.

Sign in to add to Watchlist ArtArtistsPainting. Shot in Canada, Alaska, and Europe, the film highlights Candide's renaissance as a big-mountain skier.

Yes, you read that right: It's always wores when you're talking about yourself the whole time, you know? He's painted his own event, the Candide Invitational, and countless movie segments with his signature D-spins, tail grabs, and unrivaled cat-like grace.

Each one has a star at the very top. The first year I filmed with my friend Simon Favier who made the Candide Kamera seriesand then he had to film with another project, so Matt Pain came on. It covers Candide since he was a kid, using archived footage from his many segments and contest appearances, and interviews with the master himself along with others who have witnessed and influenced him along his career.

Finally, when he recovered from a broken back suffered in and won the overall Freeride World Tour inhis longtime sponsor Quiksilver decided it was time he got his own film. Jasmin Caton G3 Ski 1. One of the greatest ski films ever featuring one of the greatest skiers ever. Join the TGR crew on one of its boldest missions ever. Was like watching Michael Jordan play for the Bulls.

It was good, since it was a documentary, to have an external vision. This was a magnificently shot exploration of the skiing prowess of one of the sports true greats, and the depth of insight if gave into the life of an athlete of Thovex's stature made it compelling viewing. Thovex's more recent releases, One of those days and its imaginatively-title sequel One of those days 2have been far shorter in length and more in keeping with his earlier, slightly slapstick approach, albeit exquisitely filmed.

Jasmin Caton Guided By Curiosity: What were some of the tougher times you guys had? He learned skiing at the age of two and almost immediately found out that he was in his element.

It's more of a documentary than the other much-hyped Quiksilver project, The Art of Flight. This film offers an interesting journey into the unique history of snowboarding. How has your injury changed how you approach skiing?

Candide Thovex became an Olympic hope for his country because he was incredibly gifted and thkvex everything. Throw in the incredible feats of skill and stunning backdrops it featured and you had nothing less than an absolute stone cold classic.

Shot in Europe and Alaska, it follows Thovex's career as he climbs to the very top of his sport, including two gold medal wins at the X Games golds, his win at the Freeride World Tour, and a devastating back injury which threatened to end his career spoiler — it didn't, although things were touch and go there for a while.

When I broke my back, I stopped my event and I stopped a lot of things.

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