Battle at the berrics

Since inception, the website has developed a range of features consisting of regularly uploaded episodes that are featured in a section entitled "Daily Ops" the equivalent of a "News" section for most websites. The page also featured a short video segment of several skateboarders, including Billy Marks, performing tricks in the facility, followed by a firecracker explosion at the base of one of the stair sets. The Berrics "picked 10 of the most progressive skaters on the planet to choose one location each—any location in the world—and film a full part," and viewers will vote for the winner.

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Retrieved December 12, Retrieved January 15, Following the website's inception in lateit quickly grew and, according to The Wall Street Journalin Januarythe Berrics attracted more unique visitors than the thee of every major skateboard magazine, as well as ESPN. Retrieved 13 October The park has taken a beating over the last four years, with the amount of people that have skated here Retrieved January 30, However, as of Novemberthe Berrics is no longer featured on the LJG website as a licensed brand.

On January 14,a video was published on the Berrics, revealing the contestants in the sixth installment of Battle at the Berrics. Kroetkov won the Roshambo and never failed a trick, winning with a rarely-seen Hardflip Late Frontside and securing his first Battle at the Berrics victory. Battle at the Berrics 6, the sixth installment in the series, will be played according to the theme of "goofy versus regular", a reference to the stance of a skateboarder—that is, "goofy" is the name given to riders who place their right foot at the front of the board while skateboarding, and "regular" is the opposite stance.

Rob Dyrdek 's Fantasy Factory was inspired by the Berrics [5] and, inDyrdek challenged the Berrics crew and lost, thus having to erect a statue that portrayed the inspiration that he had derived from the Berrics facility.

The Berrics

Najera won ar final battle on a switch front side kickflipwhile Amrani finished in third place. Skateparks in the United States. The Wall Street Journal.

Battle at the Berrics 3 commenced in and was sponsored by the DC Shoes company. I just started coming up with ideas of what we could do. Retrieved October 1, Eric Koston defeated Sewa Kroetkov in the battle for third place.

Battle at The Berrics | The Berrics

Lem Villemin Round 1 " Video upload. Retrieved 27 June Battle at the Berrics 3 was won by Rodriguez, after defeating Ladd, and O'Neill finished in third place.

Battle at baattle Berrics 2, the second installment of Battle at the Berrics, allowed the Berrics' viewership to vote for thirty-two of more than skateboarders, with the most popular invited to fill the tournament's 32 competitor slots; [60] the two most popular selections were Chris Cole and Daewon Song. The Chrome Ball Incident on Blogger.

brrrics Retrieved 11 August Mike Mo Capaldi Finals" Video upload. Battle at the Berrics V, the fifth installment in the series, was subtitled "Team Berra vs Team Koston" and was launched in February —sixteen skateboarders were selected to compete as part of Berra and Koston's respective teams. Retrieved August 23, Berra and Koston both purchased a building for the skateboarding facility with their own funds; one of the key initial goals for the Berrics facility was to provide a setting where skateboarders could practice their tricks to avoid spending that time in street-based environments in California, where skateboarding is illegal in most spaces.

Retrieved June 3, The video concluded with the statement: So, ask questions, make statements, show us a skate spot or a trick we've never seen.

Retrieved January 12, Is there a sunset that's just so beautiful you can't possibly imagine the Berrics and everyone that goes on it not seeing it? YOUnited Nations battls Video upload. It is also a website providing content filmed in the skatepark, as well other skateboard-related media.

Shane O'Neill defeated Nick Tucker in the third place match.

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