Calorie counter excel spreadsheet

So far it seems really slick and helpful! I just use a service like dailyburn. It is much better than my Android app calorie counter.

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After you make changes, be sure to sort the list again, by Category and Food Item. I did a search for Scivation and ON Whey and both came up with numerous accurate results!!

This spreadsheet is free, and I downloaded it at http: Trying to build more lean mass is grams enough for me?? You simply choose food from the list and type the quantity.

I saved the document. I too am having trouble with the formulas on Eating Diary after adding a new column. For example, you eat grams of Nestle Fitness Corn flakes with ml Semi-skimmed milk. I then divide those numbers dpreadsheet the number of servings. Need a template for a food log with all calories, fat, protein….

Then copy the formula from last column. D If you really want it pm me and I could email it or something. Hi, if you still have the spreadsheet would you be so kind and send it to me? Each item must be entered separately. How to save or edit food into the database You have to save the food into the database before the first use. Right-click somewhere into the statistics speadsheet. Adding new foods is simple, even dum ass BBer's can do it.

Hello, looks pretty awesome but every cell in the eating diary is REF! The list must be sorted, or the dependent drop down list on the FoodEntry sheet will not work correctly. Only difference has to be that the number 8 changes to 9. Grains Select the Item.

Hi, I repaired formulas and I removed protection, so you can do any changes you want.

Calorie Intake Chart

This file will help you track what you eat. Units can be changed but not in this table! My comments might help you get fix some of your errors.

Statistics is not though, even with refreshing. If anyone else has something similar, please post it as I for one like seeing the alternatives out there to achieve goals. Here I can keep track of supplements taken in, cardio I've done, times of meals, number of meals, etc.

Version with sample data: It is much better than my Android app calorie counter. It wants to show me various levels for each main line.

Eating diary and calorie counter in Excel

Will May 6, at 5: To refresh the statistics table, do:. If this is duplicated somewhere else, sry, i did a quick forum search and didn't quickly see it. Just come across this and it is brilliant.

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