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Healing the scars Nigeria: Ah, Mr Gbabo, you are an African icon! A ride in the clouds Theatre - Zimbabwe's last free speech?

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July - September Is scarring still an acceptable ritual? Gbagbbo Ohh no he has poured cold water on what he claims to have allowed to the Ivorians.

Get readership details for advertisers here. Film-maker slams Western 'partners'.

Weah's pitch for votes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Creations of a patent chaser. There is some hope for Nigeria's ailing healthcare system, but it is not coming from the government.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Crazy for democracy Comment: Theatre - Zimbabwe's last free speech? You are commenting using your WordPress. Malaria wedding net dress decline. Rent boy doc Sierra Leone: Smack Down Qfrica pack leader chasing glory Comedy: Africa's Olympic hopes Notify me of new comments via email.

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Focus on Africa magazine - Ernest Bai Koroma's Attitude Problem

Take me to Your Leader Hamza Mohamed recounts the day he was able to put a human face to the notoriously elusive al-Shabab movement, in Somalia. Poems for the Prophet. Ah, Mr Gbabo, you are an African icon! Do you care about the Olympics? A ride in the clouds. Follow our Twitter alerts.


Kenya's pack leader chasing glory. Holding Back the Tide. October - December Burning with rage Fed up with their lot, Ijaw militants are taking up arms in Nigeria's oil-rich states to demand a bigger share of the country's wealth.

Sticking The Boot In Ethiopia: Click here for current rates and details of how to subscribe. Sufis, Sidis and saints.

Focus on Africa

Living by the sewage canal Botswana: What's the big deal? How Mandela changed SA fashion.

Click here for current rates and details of how to subscribe. Logging concern South Africa:

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