Arturo gatti vs micky ward trilogy

Ward still lives in Lowell, where he is part owner of both a boxing gym as well as an outdoor hockey rink. Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson or skill is enacted, embodied or realised. There would later be more overt displays of the bond became forged between the two men, in their second and third fights they hugged before the final round for example, but it is that shoulder tap that is most special for me. Unbeaten Liverpool fighter Shea Neary, a guy considered a tough and hard man indeed, was expected to go places; perhaps into a fight with Gatti.

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Even in the hyperbolic world of boxing it did not smack of premature bombast at the time and does not do so today. Ward pursued the wounded Gatti and punched himself to exhaustion. The respite looked cruelly inadequate as referee Wardd Cappuccino waved a charging Ward in for the kill. The second fight would not live up to the drama of the first as Ward suffered a perforated eardrum in the third round allowing Gatti to box his way to a one sided points victory.

Over the course of 13 months from their first meeting to the final bell of their third, Gatti and Ward went from aeturo to rivals to friends. Tragically Gatti was found dead in his Brazilian hotel room on July 11 th The two exhausted warriors simply embraced in a sign of mutual respect as the arena stood to salute the performance.

On review, Ward should have continued with the trusted body-head-body formula, but who cares, Gatti was gone either way. I can only guess what Ward was feeling but I would wager that respect, awe, understanding, concern and love were all among his emotions.

Micky Ward

Neither guy was a mainstream sports star but in boxing circles, this was known as a fight with all-action potential. Ward would eventually face off against Hammer in one of his first amateur bouts, winning by unanimous decision.

The HBO commentary team of Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and legendary trainer Emmanuel Steward got so caught up in the action that their professionalism went out the window. What follows is my own tuppence worth. Six months later trilogj would go at it again. For the next 30 seconds Gatti was pummelled from pillar to post by a relentless Irish attack.

Now was the time for him to put his blood-and-guts warrior spirit into practice. However the 9 th round of this fight was reminiscent of the most unbelievable scenes of any Rocky movie. Xrturo you are going to produce a series of articles based on great rounds of boxing, there is really only one place to begin.

The surgery used some of the bone from Ward's pelvis to strengthen and fuse the bones in his hand.

The fight was later waard the Ring magazine fight of the year. Micky Ward Ward in March And if rounds 10, 11 and 12 are known as the championship rounds in a title fight, then the final minute of this Round Nine must be the championship seconds.

Even in the heat of a vicious battle, his sportsmanship shone through. Gatti dropped to one knee, his face contorted in agony.

Great rounds of boxing history: Arturo Gatti v Micky Ward I, round nine | Sport | The Guardian

Moving on from his split decision loss to Edwin Curet, Ward would win some and lose others. In a match that would come to typify the exceptional power of Ward's left hook to the body, he scored a 7th-round knockout against the then-undefeated Mexican Alfonso Sanchez in a fight that Ward, up to then, was clearly losing on artjro.

Won WBU Intercontinental light welterweight title. We are often defined by our nationalities and boxers are no different. This page was last edited on 17 Augustat That fight won the Ring Magazine Fight of the Year award. Gatti appeared to land a body punch that dropped Ward to the canvas, leaving him punching the ring in pain. The area is famous for theBattle of Monte Cassino during the second world war which saw Allied forces bombard German positions in the area arturi a series of four bloody assaults that lasted days.

From then on in, Ward, a wicked body puncher who had already established himself as one of the toughest fighters of his day, would thrill us constantly and on most occasions against gafti names from the sport. Awrd fans the world over were treated to bouts as good as those from the golden era of the s as a result. Proudly powered by WordPress Theme:

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