A few good men

The film was nominated for four Academy Awards: His demagoguery and gung-ho self-righteousness are something to behold. Again, it's his performance that caused everyone else in this film to bring their a-games, and holy crap did they.

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An entertainment to be seen and appreciated in goid. The film tood nominated for five Golden Globe Awards:. Brown was producing a few projects at TriStar Pictures, and he tried to interest them in making A Few Good Men into a film, but his proposal was declined due to the lack of star-actor involvement. A big commercial entertainment of unusually satisfying order. Rob Reiner, a producing partner at Castle Gew, opted to direct it. Matthew Saks as David. The whole film, with its steady, important-picture pacing and its bits of pseudo-profundity, is dew piece of glorified banality.

Joshua Malina as Orderly. The defense manages to establish the existence of "code red" orders at Guantanamo, and that Dawson specifically had learned not to disobey any order after being denied a promotion for helping out a Marine that was apparently given a "code red". If they haven't, they've at least heard of the line, "You can't handle the truth!

Reiner had a certain look in mind for an actor to play the honor-bound lead Marine defendant, Lance Cpl. I kept thinking there had to be more to Santiago, not just his death. February 7, Full Review….

Downey, under cross-examination, reveals he was not actually present when Dawson received the supposed "code red" order, and Markinson, ashamed that he failed to protect a Marine under his command, tells Kaffee that Jessup never ordered the transfer, but commits suicide rather than testifying. There are a few scenes involving exchanges between the main characters that you want to re-play again and again.

Harry Caesar as Luther. Kaffee negotiates a plea bargain with his friend, Marine Captain Jack Ross USMC ; Dawson refuses the deal, insisting Kendrick had goov the "code red" order and that they never intended lasting harm.

Kevin Bacon as Capt. DramaMysteryThrillerCrime. Two are accused of murder.

21 Things You Never Knew About 'A Few Good Men'

One asked why Galloway had to be a woman if she was never going to sleep with Kaffee. Without Markinson's testimony, Kaffee believes the case lost, lamenting that he fought the case instead of taking a deal. The ultimate rebel Jack Nicholson has a ball playing the ultimate establishment figure in this star-laden, rather old-fashioned courtroom drama.

Daniel Kaffee Tom Cruise is a military lawyer defending two U. However, while the screenplay is decidedly impressive, the most imposing aspect of this film is the performances within it.

A Few Good Men () - IMDb

Which fe me to another plus that this movie has. At least the ending was unpredictable, but There were certain parts of the film that didn't really have much point, and when you think it was just getting started, it changes the scene quickly. View All Audience Reviews. One man is dead. Young Tom Cruise was still on the rise as a leading man here, but Nicholson is at his best, throwing out great lines by the dozen and making movie history with his final burst of anger. She stinks in everything she's done, and dont let me get started on Tom Cruise's wooden performance.

Fes in theaters on December 13,the military courtroom drama became director Rob Reiner 's biggest hit, put future Oscar-winner Aaron Goid on the map as a screenwriter, gave Tom Cruise one of his most memorable and best roles, and gifted Jack Nicholson with the most unforgettable line of his career. Retrieved October 28, Where Maverick Mitchell needs to rein in the discipline, Feq Kaffee needs to let it go, finally see what he can do.

With better casting it could have been so much more. Actors Who Direct Movies.

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