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It is built on the robust T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3, supports RTL language layout, fully responsive and brings in an pleasing blogging experience with EasyBlog. Powering over 5, Joomla websites. Events allows users to create meetups and schedule events.

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This blog is smooth as butter. The Stackideas team goes above and beyond to ensure questions are answered promptly and thoroughly.

GPLv2 or later Type: Very talented - truly impressed me with the help I received! Very good, although I do miss the fact that they took down their public forum as most of the answers I need come from that old forum.

EasyBlog, by stackideas - Joomla Extension Directory

Some of the more complicated integrations don't have full information, but they will help you and make it work at no extra charge. T3 is a powerful Joomla template framework that provides a solid foundation for us to build our Joomla templates on.

Integrations with Amazon Bolg to host your files and photos.

Joomlz registration workflow based on specific membership requirements of your social network site. Real time theme customisation T3 includes a powerful theming tool called Theme Magic.

Joomla Templates

Built in commenting system and extensive commenting integrations with Komento, Facebook Comments, Compojoom Comments, EasySocial and others. Configure which bloggers via Joomla!

Updating your multifuntional blog never becomes so blogg like that. Show up on Google: Use a page builder to easily develop sections on different pages of your site and still be able to create an integrated search page with Google.

Get access to new joomka models and features automatically. Vote for your favorite discussion thread. We look forward for your responses! User friendly toolbar to manage, sort and search discussions.

Bundled with 4 themes to match only for Professional version Built-in comment migrators for other comment extensions Integrations: SectionEx Free Articles Display stackideas. The extension is used for supportive education of apprentices, each blog is a small lesson. Built in e-mail parser where Easy Blog will automatically import e-mails as blog posts on your site.

All coupled with user profiles. You are finding a Joomla template for your business website and Pixel is designed for you. To make it easier to manage the site and to ensure you always have the latest updates applied, we provide a plugin that keeps No Blpg extensions updated automatically.

Great product and support. It also allows interaction within the user's profile.

Advance access control in categories. Instantly activate user interaction and get feedback from visitors to your site.

It's our dedication to the Joomla community to welcome the new with even more challenges and excitement in Joomla template development.

This beautiful Joomla template supports the favorite Joomla blogging component - EasyBlog, RTL language layout coming soon at default, Bootstrap 3 at core and stays stunning on all type of devices.

I even get answers during the weekend. Maps with contact options Mapmarkers: Allows multiple users on the site to be authors without having to login into the back end. It's a dynamic appearance tool so you can preview changes to colour, font sizes and template width in real time.

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