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Lose control of your car for just a second and you'll have shattered wood and innocent civilians bouncing over your car or under your tires. Extra lives and weapons can be shot at for bonuses, if you can hit them.

I found myself mumbling along with John McClane when he ruefully said, "Sorry, pal …" every time I offed an unlucky civilian. And to make it easier to customize Die Hard Trilogy to your pv specs, there are horizon, perspective correction, complexity and resolution settings that you can turn on or off.

You can be trapped in the Nakatomi Plaza, run through Dulles Airport in an attempt to save your wife, or sweat it out behind the wheel looking for bombs in New York City. The 3D environment is a bit trilogu to get accustomed to but after a little practice, it becomes a bit easier.

Video is unrelated to the product. With the patch, the game is decent but still worse compared to the PlayStation version, which doesn't even have the benefits of hardware 3D acceleration like those for PCs. Die Hard Trilogy is actually three separate games, each with totally different gameplay styles. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Now, above I mentioned that this doe has the best part of all three.

Nothing like Michael Kamen's work on the movies, but cool anyway. Ttrilogy bonus screen allows you to gain extra points based on your safety margin, the number of citizens saved, how damaged your car is and the amount of time remaining. Showing of 1 reviews. Each adventure is an entirely different genre of game also, fulfilling whatever desire for arcade action you may have; the first episode, Die Hardis portrayed as a third person shooter in chase-camera style, Die Harder is done as a rail shooter, and finally, Die Hard with a Vengeance is done car-racing style -- reminiscent of Destruction Derby.

For those who are always striving for the highest score, killing hostages and civilians in Die Hard Trilogy takes off points.

The attention to detail is excellent, with sprinkler systems going off over explosions. Security breach is imminent as terrorists avoid, dodge and set up traps for you as you progress through the levels. There's some great theme music and spectacular sound effects. The game is addicting, no doubt about that. Pedestrians get turned into road jelly if they get in your way.

Of course, driving in New York City has never been easy.

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I never went back to this game more than twice. February 28, JP: If you don't make it in time, Nakatomi Tower is no more. Die Hard with a Vengeance my fave film of the trilogy is a really crappy driving game much like Crazy Taxi only with boring, near impossible mission, terrible graphics and no hagd appeal. Live the movie experience as Detective John McClane Locations include Nakatomi Plaza, Dulles Aiport, and the streets of New York Arm yourself with a huge array of weapons including a shotgun, pistol, rifle and machine gun.

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Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on July 3, Just kill all of hsrd terrorists on each floor and save the hostages.

Each adventure is controlled by mouse, keyboard or a Gamepad. A direction arrow lc the direction of the planted bomb and it is your job to steer your vehicle a difficult job to the bomb and defuse it. If you don't have enough money, just don't eat for a month or two -- it will be worth it.

The graphics are simply excellent. This was a great idea by the minds a Did to give gamers an excellent value for their money. Die Hard has you running through the floors of Nakatomi tower, freeing hostages and shooting terrorists, in an early third-person adventure. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists.

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