Cee lo closet freak

Trial and tribulations which begat wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Running through a checklist of his songs in his mind reassures him. I'm water, shapeless in form.

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It's comfortable and organic, pretty freaky and exciting. Not only will they love how he flips the script, but, according to the Atlanta clloset, he's giving them what they asked for.

It's about being a father, husband, role model and being responsible artistically to my family and fans. I don't think people would want me to do an album with just any one thing in its entirety.

I guess that's what the world will consider me.

Closet Freak

More importantly, will Cee-Lo's fans accept the fact that he's following his "calling" as a crooning vocalist for most of the album, instead of dropping jewels in his poignant raps? It's that balance of virtue and vice.

It is someone who has wandered off the beaten path. I think people will be shocked, pleased, satisfied all at the same time.

The first single, "Closet Freak," is an exception, at least with the mind-searing visuals he displays in the video. When Cee-Lo talks about the album and goes through the track list in his head like a soldier xloset his ammunition, he seems a little unsure about fans who have grown to love him as part of the revolutionary hip-hop group the Goodie Mob.

Trial and tribulations which begat wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I'm usually called upon to sing a hook for someone.

I am also versed at raw lyricism. When Cee-Lo was recording his solo debut, Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections, his biggest problem was not devising a musical landscape for his eclectic opus, but finding free time while switching roles from in-studio mad scientist to loving husband and expectant father. It was quite a revelation for me.

Rreak water, shapeless in form. It's always been cool with me to become wiser, more in tune, at ease, comfortable in my skin. My wife was pregnant at the time.

Will they be able to embrace him on the rock track "Live Right Now "? Someone who colors outside the lines, someone who insists on being in control of their own destiny. I believe that I am God's exact intention.

Closet Freak: The Best of Cee-Lo Green the Soul Machine - Wikipedia

The beauty of that inevitability to take it in stride. All my time was accounted for. Running through a checklist of his songs in his mind reassures him.

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