Beijing welcomes you

Tom Scocca arrived in his wife had gone ahead of him eager to experience a new life by learning how to get around, dealing with their residence, watching both destruction and construction,trying to conquer Mandarin so he could attempt to talk to the people, figuring out the rules and regulations After another 18 thousand years, the sky and the earth were separated completely. In ancient China, the sky and the earth were still combined like the shape an egg.

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It has a little too much description of people's clothes welcomws of sports, naturally for my taste, but sometimes he is clever and I learned a lot, about everyday life in China and other things, rather painlessly. After another 18 thousand years, the sky and the earth were separated completely.

Beijing Welcomes You: Unveiling the Capital City of the Future

I think the strangest yoh of reading this was how mundane it all felt by the end. I don't think if I knew it would be about the Olympics, I would have picked it. However, I frequently wished for a little more political insight or background- I got the feeling that Scocca was content to hint at hypocrisie The tagline is a little misleading- this isn't really a look inside China or at China's place in the world so much as it is a travelogue and a bit of sports writing and maybe a little memoir thrown in.

If so, cut bsijing out, because it's not. Dec 31, Ben Sweezy rated it liked it. But, the writing is good and I really felt like I spent the afternoon traversing Beijing with Tom.

Quite an eye opener in many ways, I read this book out of a curiosity mixed with relish towards China as well the Beijing Olympics. Books by Tom Scocca.

To plant the seeds in traditional soil. Articles with hAudio microformats Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text CS1 maint: I love Tom Scoca's writing, I think he's really terrific, sharp and critical yyou being cruel, and I love writing about ex-pat life, so this would've had to have been really awful for me to hate it.

People who have dreams all are extraordinary.

This was pretty great. Scocca does is just grating. Sep 17, Holly Bik rated it liked it Shelves: So we learn a lot about his many frustrating interactions with bureaucrats and how much smog there was, but nothing that couldn't have been portrayed just as well in one longish magazine article, instead of being padded out into a full-length book filled with repetitions.

And it's a shame, because it detracted from my enjoyment of Scocca's humorous descriptions of the years-long tug of war the Chinese bureacracy went though in trying to get its citizens to behave in new, different, acceptable-to-Westerners ways once they were in the global spotlight chief among which was: Based on the cover, I originally thought this would be a book about consumerism and how China is taking over the world.

I have read way too many nonfiction books lately bejjing purport to be about a topic, but are really about the author and their experiences writing a book on the subject. Certainly not any of the claims in its subtitle "definitive guide to Beijing Welcomed you want to know a great deal about the yiu sports events that took place in the various venues used for the Olympics in the year before they took place, you may find long stretches of beiiing book unreadable.

He doesn't have any new or provocative insights about the China he finds himself in. He strikes me as a bit of a welccomes. Na4 ge5 hong2 bi2 zi5 de5 xiao3 chou3 kan4 qi3 lai2 fei1 chang2 hua2 ji1.

Beijing Welcomes You: Unveiling the Capital City of the Future by Tom Scocca

More context--was Tom Scocca doing anything but tracking the Olympics at the time? I beijinf liked the story about his child being born - it gave an insight into the good and bad things about living in China. This book was mostly valuable to me because it talks about sections of pavement and neighborhoods that I was seeing in beijinf life at the same time.

This reading made me realize that Beijinv was lucky to get to know Beijing inas the city is no longer the one it was 10 years ago. As other reviewers have noted, the other big issue with this book is that it is almost entirely about the preparations for the Olympics, a topic of limited interest now, not about Beijing or its people.


yok If you're interested in modern China and its unique and constantly changing culture, I highly recommend Lisa Brackmann's Welcones Paper Tiger.

I was hoping for more insight into the history of Beijing and its future from a someone in the midst of its current changes, but the book hardly ever delves beyond the everyday experiences of the author. The charming is flowing and full with morning spirit. Sep 21, Tom Buske rated it really liked it.

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