Den sorte skole

I guess the purpose was again to show people new kinds of music and bring new ideas to them. You dropped lessons 1, 2 and 3. Thrilling dynamics, sound design, stereo spectrum and attention to detail will be a huge part of this show. We are sampling Gregorian chants, Benedictine monks combined with field recordings, industrial music, machines and sounds of ghosts and robots.

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The samples include traditional horns from Iran, distorted flutes from Syria and Turkey, synths from ex-Yugoslavia, sufi-chanting from Senegal, fuzzed-out guitar denn New Zealand, percussion from France, throat-singing from Italy, and bad-ass drums from India all blended together into a seamless whole by DSS. The Italian duo get deep What is the purpose of this album?

For us, it was a completely new way of creating music. This article needs additional citations for verification.

I think having played deh the Orange Stage at Roskilde, which is the biggest stage in northern Europe, is a great success as well as the acknowledgement of our work by Danish Crown Prince Couple by awarding us with "Kronprinsparrets Kulturpris.

After Lektion 3 all the people from France or Germany that heard their own sample on the album were very happy about it. But it was still a mixtape. S - We give it out for free on our website. Melodies, sounds and rhythms bring distant atmospheres, moods, memories and thoughts to your inner play list in this suggestive, enticing and labyrinth total composition.

I think it was the weirdest concert played at that stage! Ash Koosha Talks "I had built a system, an algorithm.


Sprte comments Close comments. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Just a few weeks later, we played a gig together and soon we started to use more than two turntables on stage in order to put many layers on top of each other.

I think everybody was surprised: Our wealth is built on years and years of exploitation of first our own peoples, and later on the so-called third world - and there is nothing fair about it. This resulted in their first release — the mixtape, Lektion 1 from We have not released anything since Fallso we have taken all the best parts from the last years and added a lot of completely new stuff. They have raised a monument of memory and outlook in a time of musical upheaval.

Over ethnocentrism is deeply integrated in our language. Every time we had something that sounded like it belonged to a certain genre, we would throw it away. Den Sorte Skole track down each sample, download it as an mp3, then purchase the original albums to honour and pay respect to the artists. Turntablism Left Field World Experimental. And that is where sampling and our work comes in.

Den Sorte Skole

Since Martin Jakobsen went on leave from the music in he has been managing Turntables In The Camps - now Turning Tables - bringing it to another level. And that is the idea behind our work with samples. Indians and Cowboys feels like a private, intimate serenade, which creates an evocative mood with some eclectic choice of samples, or perhaps, a hushed intimacy? Can you share with us the best moments you took from there?

Inequality is growing, power is in the hands of an extremely small group of privileged people and the rest of us are just watching lame ass entertainment on polluting plastic flatscreens.

Their music simply subsumes its component elements into a cohesive whole with the greatest of ease. Talking about the shows, your performances are skloe full of lights, visual effects, artistic installations, etc. If you, as a user, visit our website, it is our understanding that you are granting your consent to the use of cookies.

Being a DJ in a sense is staying updated all the time and seeing where it all goes. According to them the land belongs to nature, and we can only borrow it and treat it with respect.

We're here for them.

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