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I just added about 20 years worth of articles to it so i ideally don't want to use something different , but I'm looking to:. Embed video player demo. Active Directory Provider 2.

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Vertical switch image rotator demo. Tycho de Waard 3. Site administrator can create unlimited custom attributes for article listingor disable unwanted built-in data fields.

Or you can create other templates according to your responsive skin, to make them look better. It is low-quality It is spam It does not belong here Other enter below. Flash numeric rotator free.

Compiled against DNN 5. Be sure to check out the Simple Gallery too. Back to the module though: Cross Article allows you to specify up to 10 search conditions based custom attributes. An article can have multiple tags.

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Publish has always been a preferred module for larger projects with scalability in mind for many clients. Simple menu bar free. Integrative numeric navigate demo. Besides registered users, you can also artixle additional mail list and send mail to them. I just added about 20 years worth of articles to it so i ideally don't want to use something differentbut I'm looking to: The initial release has both C and VB.

DNN blog, article and event module

Visitor Tracking Plug-in free. Simple flash video player demo.

DNN Digest is our monthly email newsletter. Copyright by Cross Software. Video handler pro free. Edit Remove Accept Unaccept. Flash numeric rotator free. Cross Article is an enterprise-class DNN artucle that enables multi-user to publish news, articles, blogs, press releases and stories. Ultra Flash Player 8.

Show balloon indicator in Google Maps. Ask a Question Start a Discussion. But with department, things become easy. Rebuild based DNN 7.

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Carrousel flow gallery free. Visitor Tracking Plug-in free. Quick Links", also view our articles which generated by Cross Article module as follows: Cross Photo Gallery 5. By default, DNN only lists your web pages as site map urls.

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