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Smooth Corners or Smooth Indents. Smooths and blends the edge pixels with the surrounding pixels. As long as you have the correct shape layer selected in the Layers panel, and the shape tool still active, you can make whatever changes you need:.

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How about shapes of flowers or leaves, snowflakes, music notes, or even a copyright symbol to add to your images?

Arrows Photoshop Shapes | Photoshop Custom Shapes

That may be a good choice if you were selecting an individual shape set from the list and you just wanted to add it to the default shapes. Removes the overlapping area from the existing shapes or path.

With the link icon selected, Photoshop will automatically change the other value for you:. Renders a custom shape based on the proportions with which it was created. Select the Custom Shape tool. We'll see how to add a stroke in a moment.

The Solid Color pohtoshop second from left lets us fill the custom shape with a single color. Renders a rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, or custom shape from photosuop center. Excludes the overlap area in the consolidated new and existing areas. All kids in the yard had a competition in designing the best shape.

2500+ Free Custom Photoshop Shapes

Here, we see that my lhotoshop was drawn px wide and px tall:. The new shape appears in the Shape pop-up panel in the options bar.

It may be hidden photohsop one of the other shape tools or the Line tool. Photoshop will ask if you really want to replace the current shapes with the sapes.

To save the new custom shape as part of a new library, select Save Shapes from the pop-up panel menu. You can draw custom shapes by using shapes from the Custom Shape pop-up panel, or save a shape or path to use as a custom shape.

In this case, because I'm choosing All which includes the default shapes as part of the collectionI'm going to click OK. As you're dragging, press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard. You can easily switch between drawing tools by clicking a tool button in the vustom bar.

+ Photoshop Custom Shapes | Shapes4FREE

Renders a custom shape based on the size fustom which it was created. Select the Line tool and then select Start to add an arrow to the beginning of the line; select End to add an arrow to the end of dustom line. Since the default measurement type for the stroke width is points, I'll go back and enter a new width of 10 px:. The only problem is that unless you've been using Photoshop for a while and spent much of that time shapess with custom shapesit's hard to know which shapes you'll find in each set.

To draw the butterfly with the correct proportions, I'll wait until I've started dragging, then I'll press and hold my Shift key and continue dragging:. The default width is 3 pt. The options for choosing a stroke color are exactly the same as the fill color options.

The thumbnail shows us the shape that's currently selected:. Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas.

Drawing from the corner left and drawing from the center right. I'll release my mouse button, then my Shift key, at which point Photoshop fills the shape with my chosen red shaprs. The shape options appear in the pop-up dialog box.

To constrain a rectangle or rounded rectangle to a square, to constrain an ellipse to a circle, or to constrain the line angle to a multiple of 45 degrees, hold down Shift.

If you look further to the right in the Options Bar, you'll see an option called Align Edges. To choose a shape, double-click on its thumbnail. Adds the new area to the existing shapes or path. Select the Custom Shape Tool from the bottom of the list:.

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