Cell phone detector

The full project is already explained in this website. What are the uses of other capacitors? Rests of connections are shown in the Circuit Diagram below.

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Log into your account. This circuit consist an op-amp with some active passive components.

But I am curious about the antenna too. Two nF capacitors have formed the loop antenna, no other antennas are used. These capacitors are working as loop antenna celk the system. Op-amp non-inverting end is connected to Vcc through 2. Two nF capacitors are connected in series between Pin 1 and 8 of op-amp to boost the gain of the current to voltage converter at its output pin.

It is also useful in detecting the unauthorised use or spying using hidden Cell Phone. Wt is the reason for this??!

I tried this circuit but it is not working. A simple Jumper wire is used as Antenna. When the mobile phone radiates energy in the form of RF signal, C1 absorbs it and passes ;hone to the inputs of IC1.

What kind of antenna is this? It will not detect in flight mode because this circuit can detect mobile phone only through its incoming and outgoing signals. Capacitor C1 is used in the circuit to detect the RF signal from the mobile phone. And modifications in it can make it work for 3G also…?

Howzit man, After C7, that coiled-upped connector, is that what you used for your antenna? The circuit can detect incoming and outgoing calls, SMSes, Internet and video transmissions even if a mobile phone is kept in silent mode.

My circuit is glowing without any cell phone ringing. Log in or register to post Comment. It also looked like the schematics vary slightly from what is pictured in the video, but hard to tell.

Cell Phone Detector Circuit Diagram

It can detect the RF Transmission from the Mobile Phone and triggers Buzzer to produce beep sound, even if the phone is kept on Silent mode and this alarm continues beeping till the presence of RF signals. Can 1 mOhm Potentiometr to be used? So it can come handy in an examination hall or meetings where mobile phones are not permitted.

Please sir can you help me with the full material of the project cell phone detector and circuit diagram Thanks and remain blessed. Shannon Fano Elias encoding algorithm is a precursor to arithmetic coding in which probabilities are used to Sir can you please send me or tell me what is the procedure of antennahow it is detecting?

Contraband Cell Phone Detection for Correctional Facilities

This is indicated by the flashing of LED1. On my home have WiFi connection. I want to know about basic principle of the circuit. Should not be much. Learn about loop antennas. Please can you send me the materials and the circuit diagram. Transistor T1 is used to amplify the signal obtained at pin 1 of IC1.

Please enter your name here. And a 9 volt battery is used for powering the circuit.

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