Bea weblogic 10.0

To use Hibernate as your JPA provider you need the following jars: To workaround this you need to modify the build-dev. Below is the changes that are needed to get them in this application. Out of box seam-gen will produce applications configured to run on JBoss AS. TP is a technical preview version that fixes some things and breaks others.

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Select seam-examples on the left hand side of the console. Archived from the original on November 24, April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Except for what is listed here follow that instruction from the link. This is confirmed in the Weblogic 9.

Professional Oracle WebLogic Server 100.0 ed. MP1 has a known issue with EJBs that use varargs in their methods it confuses them as transient. If so there are some blockers that keep it from working.

Building and deploying jpa booking example. This means to deploy the application all we need to do is copy it into the autodeploy directory. Find the target war and add the following to the end of the target.

Sun bug report — Describes details of the issue, but says that it will not be fixed. WebLogic supports security policies managed by security administrators. You'll need to alter persistence-prod. Because the tech preview version will only work with weblkgic or openJPA as the JPA provider you must change the provider to:. Choose to create a new domain, configured to support Weblogic Server TP.

Oracle WebLogic Server

Here is be we see the varargs issue. You must lock the domain configuration using the button in the upper left box. Follow the steps in that section, but use the following entries where needed. Simply remove the property action. Building and Deploying your application.

BEA Weblogic Server version : Security vulnerabilities

Unfortunately using kodo or openJPA does not help with the blocker described above but is important to know. Select the check web,ogic AdminServer in the table. OC4J have beq same issue as well. Sun admits the issue, and provides a work around, and will not fix the core issue. You will also need to add the transaction namespace and schema location to the top of the document. Select Next button on the Transaction Options page.

Out of box seam-gen will produce applications configured to run on JBoss AS. Then you need to tell it where to install the server components: To use Hibernate as your JPA provider you need the following jars:. Oracle Linux Oracle Solaris.

Setting up the data source. There are some known issues with the Weblogic servers that will need to be worked around, and configuration changes that are needed.

Application Ready Network Guide Oracle's BEA WebLogic Server - Mechanical Engineering

Setting up the datasource. These need to be copied into your projects lib directory manually. For the reasons listed above, and the fact that

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