Altiris software virtualization agent

You also have the option of activating automatically each time Windows starts. Redesigned registry handling yields significantly higher performance and scalability over Software Virtualization Solution 2. Facilitate set up and installation of various Fortinet products. Existing layers will automatically be converted to the new layer format. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.

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By upgrading the Agent correctly, the existing layers will wltiris preserved. I trust this program. To resolve this issue we recommend that you change the default installation folder location so that the first six characters of the name are unique.

Login or create an account to post a review. All of this works, and it makes for portability of data as well as applications. Elevation issue with dragging and dropping files into the Edit Layer dialog box When logged onto a Windows Vista computer, as a limited user or a regular admin, dragging and dropping files in the Edit Layer dialog box fails.

Altiris Software Virtualization Solution 2.0

The following are unresolved issues in this release. User Account Control Warning with Software Virtualization Solution Install When installing the Software Virtualization Solution agent on Vista computers, you will receive a User Account Control warning dialog which informs you that "An unidentified program wants access to your computer.

Software stubs Virtualization software. Redesigned registry handling yields significantly higher performance and scalability over Software Virtualization Solution 2. There is an issue with Vista rights. Software Virtualization Solution is now a stand-alone product that lets you create Virtual Software Packages that you can deliver and manage with Software Management Solution.

By placing applications and data into managed layers called Virtual Software Packages VSP'sSWV allows on-the-fly activation, deactivation, or reseting of applications, to avoid conflicts between applications, and to remove them cleanly wgent altering the base Windows installation.

The other way is to import an existing VSP. Therefore, we recommend that you back up layers before you upgrade. This is required whether running with Administrator or System rights.

Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™ Release Notes

The ability alttiris import multiple archive agnt has been added. Retrieved from " https: Shortcuts not saved in layers If you create a shortcut that references an application in a layer after the creation of the layer, the shortcut is not saved in the layer.

A blue screen sometimes appears when a computer is restarted after the installation of the Software Virtualization Agent On computers that use a non-English Windows operating system and that have Symantec AntiVirus for Windows alriris, a blue screen may appear after the Software Virtualization Agent is installed and the computer is restarted. Registry Permissions not checked in priority order When Software Virtualization Solution checks registry permissions, it is not doing it in priority order.

As a result, they are not available for view in the Recovery utilities.

I know where it's from or I've used it before. This version is the same as the regular commercial product shipped by Altiris, minus the server-side components for centralized management.

This is an issue only if the base or a program in another layer uses the same short name abbreviation for a similar but different path. agnt

Altiris Software Virtualization Agent installation in 5 minutes |

However, if you need to roll back to 2. Plus some anti-spyware utilities report the agent as suspect, even identifying it as a potential rootkit. Password Agent Gadgets Widgets. The Software Virtualization Solution APIs support importing a layer to a location other than the default redirect area. Absolute Manage Agent Distribution.

Special care should be taken. Five cameras and advanced software that appeals to media creators.

Altiris Software Virtualization Agent installation in 5 minutes

Data layers are standalone virtual layers that can be activated and used independently of virtualised applications. However, an MSIexec command-line option may be used to force the deletion of layers at uninstallation time. Layers Created with 2.

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