Custom dvd covers

You can use something like Papyrus, or Bonzai. Or maybe you want a fun, funky font, try something like Distillery, or True North. Things You'll Need Computer with a word or design program. Now I'm going to work you through the process of making a custom DVD cover. Before you print, you should do a print preview to make sure that everything looks good and is on your page.

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Doctor Who

Use a word or design program. Let us put the finishing touch on your DVD today!

With a little bit of creativity, you can easily turn your boring home movie cover into something fun and memorable that looks like a professional film. Quality DVD Covers you can see!

Custom DVD covers | Doctor Who Amino

Click in line between. Pick vovers name for your movie. If you are printing multiple pages, then you should print a single test page first to ensure that your homemade DVD cover is to your liking. Maybe you want to make your boring home movie cover like a professional film or just make it more interesting, appealing and personalized.

Made Recently View more 10 total. Print a test page. No matter what style you want, you can find the answer in this tutorial. Admit it- some people judge a book by its cover.

How to Make Custom DVD Covers

You can find dd sorts of press-on labels at office or computer supplies stores. Because after all, time is money! Tell us more about it? Place your images in your document file. At Hotcards our team is equipped to help you design the best possible DVD cover for your next project!

Other formats can be easily added via a graphical format editor. Let our team of professional designers create and print you a first-rate cover that you will be proud of! The title strip, also known as the spine, should be 7. Do you have a favorite movie or movie poster? You can use something like Papyrus, or Bonzai.

This will add some extra meaning to your DVD. Upload a complete design. You can find dvd covers from online archives for DVD covers like www. Give your DVD covers a timeless appearance with our matte finish. Add a photo Upload error.

It will really add realism to your DVD. Alternatively, you can find a photo online that you like and think will work well. And best of all Set the width of column custok to mm 5"column 2 to 15mm 0. This method allows for any number of colors to be printed, ensuring stunning results!

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