Blast furnace animation

A blast furnace is used in industry to convert iron oxide to iron. The resource is useful for the development of historical skills. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Each room tells a different story.

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Click to return to the blast furnace The simple animation on the right shows how the blast furnace works.

Students discover animatiob iron is produced in blast furnaces using iron ore, limestone and coke. The blast furnace operates 24 hours a day and is only shut down when repairs have to be made. Students name all the parts of the blast furnace and the stages of the process. Purifying iron -blast furnace.

Students identify the mechanical parts used to build a blast furnace. This work cannot be changed. Limestone is also added to remove silica which is present as sand and stone. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so.

Students learn about the importance of the discovery that iron could be made using coke, which led to a major expansion of iron production in Britain. However, ina man called Abraham Darby finally succeeded in smelting iron using coke see list of terms below as fuel, and he bought all his workers beer, in celebration of his discovery.

In the space of 40 years, the small village of Coalbrookdale, in Shropshire, where Darby made his discovery, became a major mining site, employing about people. Click to see a demonstration of oxygen being removed from rust, by aluminium, to form pure iron.

To colour the iron black To remove the oxygen from the iron oxide To make the iron oxide softer and easy to shape. This technological achievement allowed a major expansion of the iron trade, and ultimately it helped lead to the Industrial Revolution.

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The Blast Furnace Animation

Take a journey through the history of the home. Slag is poured off, collected and removed. Industrialisation Iron Furnaces Inventions Manufacturing. Click to furnsce the removal of slag as it floats on top of the iron.

Explore the British History Timeline from the Neolithic to the present day. This forms a substance called slag that floats on top of the molten iron. You can copy and share this content for educational purposes.

BBC - History - British History in depth: The Blast Furnace Animation

It can be painted and rusts It is cheap and relatively strong. This interactive animation is a useful student resource for the Australian Curriculum: Students understand how producing iron using coke enabled an expansion in the iron trade and led to an increase in the industrialisation of Britain.

The animation show how a blast furnace used a combination glast iron ore and limestone with coke to produce iron. Students read text material and then view the animation, which also includes a segment on how to build a blast furnace. In industry, carbon is used to remove the oxygen from the iron oxide. Click to return to the blast furnace.

In junior science it is sufficient to appreciate that carbon takes the oxygen from the iron oxide leaving pure iron to sink to the bottom of the blast furnace. The resource is useful for the development of historical skills.

This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. However, wood which is what charcoal is made from was becoming more expensive, as forests were being cleared for farmland and timber.

Blast furnace animation

Students process and synthesise information for use as evidence in a historical argument about the importance of the discovery of smelting iron using coke for the increase in industrialisation in Britain. This resource is about blast furnaces and innovations in smelting iron furjace 18th-century Britain.

A blast furnace is used in industry to convert iron oxide to iron.

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