Bell internet check up

They never sent one single email I never expected mail from them to mention this option. Submit a new text post. I avoided wind for years because I travel to NS sometimes. Still certainly a lot better than what Bell or Rogers offers here.

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Anyone know why there are 5 Cop cars in the middle of Yonge St near Davisville?

So far so good. Their unlimited data isn't truly unlimited. Their rates are equivalent or cheaper to Bell and its all Fibre.

On the bright side, in the past few months Wind has undergone some ownership changes and have reaffirmed their continuing business. Call Chat Request Info.

bdll I just find the disconnect astounding. We have known for years that Bell and Rogers both crew us over.

We were going over our monthly internet allowance and being charged through the Teeth for it, so I called in to see if we could upgrade to a bigger plan to avoid overage charges.

Purposely changing them constantly. Do not concern-troll or try to lnternet mislead people. If you put your area code on their site you can see what they offer and the cost. Is it really equivalent?

Bell enters the fast lane as back-to-school internet competition heats up | Financial Post

I called in to change it and they were like 15mbps has been this price forever I don't really care about their customer service because that is not the reason why I am with them.

I love having Wind. This was NOT a contract signing.

I had unblock us for a while at 5 bucks a month, but then I switched to Hola. Most of the people I know got their plan a year or two ago before they infernet the prices.

Bell announced Monday that Ontario customers directly connected to its fibre-to-the-premises network can now access download speeds of 1.

Just realized they don't even support iPhone. Find Financial Post on Facebook. If I was starting fresh, then for sure I would consider internrt first. Customers should always maintain the very reasonable expectation that they will not be lied to when they start asking questions.


interbet Yup, I love wind, but it definitely has poor reception in some weird areas Due to the frequency band. Like you said, it's the customers responsibility in both industries to ensure what they're getting is what they want.

I'm tried of dealing with their vell. Surely, if they increased the price, I'd see the increase on my bill. I didn't know that! Trust me, I'm with you! I got your point but cable internet is still the best choice in many places and I've run into more than a few 20yr olds that don't get why "cable" means television to us.

Class-action suit claims Bell Fibe service misleads customers | Montreal Gazette

School or Organization Name: If you live in a condo or apartment, your intercom system interferes with the up and downstream checkk your internet. I've been with Teksavvy for over 10 years and have had the equivalent of about 24 hours of downtime over that time. Been meaning to get a new modem but I'm on a budget for now.

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