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Double-click any RPT file, respond to the parameter prompts, and view reports with refreshed data. Read the customer story. Secure critical business processes on your path to innovation and digital transformation with holistic, end-to-end service support that reflects over 40 years of unparalleled knowledge, experience, and innovation.

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See how healthcare provider Mercy Health has enhanced processes and gained rrports visibility into variations in clinical care.

Build a Business Case. Leverage the latest business intelligence BI technologies and a broad array of data sources using a flexible and scalable platform.


Command-Line Integrate Logicity with your application by utilizing command-line variable replacements. Enable all business users to understand trends and root causes with easy-to-use BI tools for ad hoc queries, reporting, and analysis in a Web environment. Password Protect Require your users to enter a valid password before a Crystal Report can be executed.

Visit the feature page to get a good idea of all of the things you can do with the free version of Logicity.

Email Reports Email your Crystal Reports to multiple users in multiple formats using the scheduler or with a single click!

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Learn how Lincoln Sentry is gaining faster, centralized data insights with a hybrid business intelligence approach. Learn about our approach to product security. Instead of having separate shortcuts to each available Crystal Report on a user's desktop, a single solution file can be created that includes each available report!

Get the assurance you need to know that our cloud offerings meet the latest compliance and security standards.

Solution Builder Extremely powerful tool for developing "solutions" to execute Crystal Reports in specific ways. Set-up Drystal as a Crystal Reports scheduler on any Windows desktop or server to automatically schedule a Crystal Report to run at regular intervals. Distribute content, even throughout a very large organization, to ensure all decision makers have anytime, anywhere access to real-time business intelligence.

Logicity: Best Free Crystal Reports Viewer Download NOW!

When we got started inwe developed a free tool to let our customers run the Crystal Reports we had developed for them. Build impactful BI visualization, dashboards, and analytics applications to assess risk, improve efficiencies, highlight unique insights, and identify opportunities.

Read vieaer solution brief. So, how can I download Logicity v1. We regularly check compliance through external reviews and audits and follow one common framework, including data security and privacy regulations, worldwide.

We've always wanted to contribute something to the "community", and this was one way we could do that. Logicity is a Crystal Reports viewer and scheduling application with an amazing array of administrative tools and controls for effectively deploying reports throughout your organization!

Multi-Database Ability to save credntials and perform multiple database authentications per report. Save the database credentials inside of Logicity for smooth report execution!

Easily view, print, or save in multiple formats! View capabilities and use cases. Explore the SAP ecosystem. Workspace Mode Convenient way to organize and run Crystal Reports from one simplified user interface. Once you install Logicity, ccrystal double-click any Crystal Reports file to run and view it. We are SaberLogic, the company behind Logicity.

SAP BusinessObjects | Business Intelligence (BI) Suite

Features Support Why Go Pro? Features Support Why Go Pro? View, email, save, or print! Transform your business with service support. Or, utilize VBscripts for custom variables. Set-up "solutions" to specify the pre-defined actions to perform on specific reports.

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