Caio terra half guard dvd

I don't even pull full guard anymore because I honestly know more from the half guard now. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Click the link on Functional Half Guard. Jamie Hughes , Apr 16,

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It's great, but finding time to drill moves will be hard Company owners can make one post announcing their tdrra ideally with a coupon code but need to follow reddit's rules for self-promotion like buying reddit ads. Log in or Sign up. Not being paid to plug them or anything either. Aug 27, Messages: Caio asked for feedback on his Facebook. But I want to maybe look into a DVD.

They go from basic escapes, to X-guard, to deep half guard, and even inverted half. I thank Caio for doing an amazing job, halr for being an inspiration for the smaller guys in the Jiu Jitsu world. For beginners though, the best half guard video is entirely free: The full review is on my blog Bjj Paperweight: Your name or email address: Featured Posts Posts that provide original content with in-depth discussion.

Overall this is the most complete set of half guard techniques you'll be able to find.

Oh hey TS, I saw you're in the Seattle area. Don't get me wrong, I think Terra is probably the biggest fucking crybaby in jiu-jitsu, has an excuse for any loss, and basically just likes to talk shit, but the dude knows what he's doing.

DVD Review - Caio Terra 111 Half Guard

I was think Caio Terra's half guard but wanted to see what else was out there. I have no doubt it's because Caio's way of doing and showing the techniques are just simply better.

If you come across a guagd which you believe has incredible content and lively discussion, vote for terrra to become a "Featured Post" by writing FeatureMe in a comment. Want to add to the discussion? Anyway, if you don't buy the DVD, then it's better for me and everyone else who does.

Videos in this thread: He teaches the best Z guard pass. No compensation in any form has been made to be listed above. Log in or sign up in seconds. This one is pretty solid for when you find yourself flattened out in half guard.

Apr 14, Messages: Oct ddvd, Messages: Some techniques I could pull off, but for the most part the success rate was pretty low. I can't say there wasn't enough detail in the explanations, or that there wasn't enough techniques to make it worth it.

LongVNApr 16, He wanted to know what people liked, and what people didn't like.

DVD Review - Caio Terra Half Guard | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion

Let's face it, the guy is probably in the top. Share This Page Tweet. Caio shows different escapes, submissions and sweeps through out the whole set, it is put together very well.

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