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Learn more about Maven dependencies: Click OK to save your changes. Maven projects can be created from a command-line using either Maven commands, or by using the MobileFirst CLI that calls Maven commands behind-the-scenes and provides simplified commands. This clarification indicates that the application uses the technology and an implementation of the technology is packaged with the application. Migrated Apache Tomcat configuration elements In Apache Tomcat, certain configuration required by an application can be in the server.

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You can toplkit ask questions over at StackOverflow and in our Slack community. Open the API report in a browser and review it. In Java SE 7, a new method was added to this interface. Remember to update the target value: The tool helps you by identifying areas in your codebase that you will need to inspect and alter, such as APIs that are deprecated, no longer supported, or modified. Importing an EAR file By importing the application, the proper project structure is created with the deployment migratoon information.

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The rules migrarion organized by target release: You can search for the appropriate dependency to use in the Maven Central website. Rule Severity The rule severity helps identify the impact of an issue on your application migration. Avoid using the deprecated resource adapter classes and interfaces No This rule flags the use of the deprecated resource adapter classes and interfaces.

Check for valid JNDI environment values No This rule flags the environment element in a jndi-lookup element and the property named jndiEnvironment to let the user verify that the values used are valid.

The application receives a message that the mirgation did not succeed The user elements in the Tomcat server configuration contained encrypted passwords, so the passwords could not be hash encoded during migration. File name Description server.

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Updating the SDKs in native applications. This cookbook does not attempt to cover all possible migration scenarios and you are advised to visit the migration user documentation topics for a comprehensive read.

Java 6 now returns false if the parameter passed is null. All other technologies must be migrated to the Java EE 7 level.

If you know your application uses private APIs or if you are not sure, you can use this rule to check your application.

Migrayion OK to save your changes. Add the new SDK. Behavior change in month name formatting for some languages No In Java 8, when formatting date-time values using the DateFormat and SimpleDateFormat classes, context-sensitive month names are tolokit for languages that have different date formatting and standalone forms of month names.

Do not use jboss-web. Do not use weblogic-ra. Typically, it depends on the objectives from above, some educated guesswork regarding what applications might be suitable for migration, and some thoughts about cost savings. Step 3 With the application's source code now in the Cordova app, you must now add or edit a few code blocks.

This is required and not an optional parameter. The quick fix changes the code to org. Java deprecated features - Deprecated before V8. If you notice errors being logged when running the Quick Fix All Category option, there are a few things you can do in Eclipse to mitigate issues: If no roles are defined, the migration proceeds as for the authOnly mode. Using Migration Assistance tool.

Behavior change in new instance creation for non-public interfaces No In Java 8, a code change is required to create a proxy instance for non-public migraion located in a different package using the Proxy. The deselected rule will not be included in the next analysis.

KeyManagerFactoryParametersSpec was migrated to com.

The allRolesMode attribute can have the following values: Examples of statements that cause this issue are method declarations and if statements.

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