Gracie barra fundamentals dvd

Share This Page Tweet. Oct 25, Messages: KahleyTriangles , Jan 4, You can come back whenever you want to view the videos, just enter your user name and password.

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I have a feeling this is more or less only useful if you've been training less than a year.

Oct 12, Messages: Right now the first 8 weeks are available and the next 8 weeks should be available very soon. This is a 16 week curriculum.

All 16 Weeks of Fundamentals 2.0 On Demand Now Available

Jimmy CerraJan 4, Can anyone fix that? The audio is very good and Marcio is easy to follow.

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Gracie Barra Fundamentals Curriculum 4 DVD Set-Marcio Feitosa

I am Gb but I think this dvd will be very basic. It was good instruction, and should be helpful for reviewing the moves after a class. So if I get the apps instead, do I have to renew every year as well for fkndamentals apps? Blunt TraumaJan 4, For a year only? I heard this set was really good.

Just follow the easy payment instructions. The sport aspect and competitive aspect is more geared toward competitors.

Learn techniques from the best. The techniques are taught in a specific order and do build on previous lessons.

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All 16 Weeks of Fundamentals On Demand Now Available | Gracie Barra

Hi Jim correct the videos are available for a year, basically like a rental, then you would have to renew. Each week includes techniques.

The new fundamentals 2. Feb 28, Messages: The GB Fundamentals 2.

Sneak peek of the GB Fundamentals DVD v_2.0

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This dvd will probably more geared toward self defense aspect as opposed to Sports bjj. GJJ fighterJan 4, Apr 3, Messages: Sep 10, Messages: Jul 16, Messages: KahleyTrianglesJan 4,

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