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Does any one have the genetic cadd tutorial book from the very early generic cadd program? To use a modern mouse with a roller so that the right key would work with Generic Cad 5 like this old dog was use to , I opened up the mouse and found the switch wire trace going to the roller and put a drop of solder with flux to connect it with the right key switch trace which was right next to it. I was highly doubtful that GC could make use of these however its seems to access a variety of "new" video modes successfully. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image.

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Ralph Grabowski Nov 20, at I have been running generic cadd6 for years in windows xp mode. I usually use it in a window, because I move in and out to other programs. Perhaps you can find someone who has a machine that they want to give to a good home.

Its interesting to see him drawing side views etc. It runs in any Windows environment and is blazing fast. The floppy disk that I have has a bad sector on it, it'll read the floppy, but wont read parts of it.

We bought version 6 for the plant where I worked, and later converted to Visual Cadd, which shares the same lightning fast 2 letter command structure, and is still the only cad program that I use comfortably. Where will I find the file once it is created. I have an Apple iMac with Yosemite.

Inside Generic CADD 6 - Google Books

I have been using Gcadd6 since it came out, now running it on DosEmu on a bit virtual machine under bit Linux.

They were so nice that I could not throw them into the scrap heap.

Bob Jan 30, at Your comment has been saved. These older machines may even have a legal copy of DOS on them when you get them.

It is exactly the same with new updates dadd help out your speed at drawing. Also, you don't have to type any command to draw a line.

Also use SketchUp too for drawings that generi from the whole 3D thing What continually amazes me it that I remember the two key commands I need after all this time. One of the best software products I have ever used. I try the other free Cadd programs, but I really like gendric 2 key stroke command structure and the ergonomics of the screen. Also use SketchUp too for drawings that benefit from the whole 3D thing.

Install DosEmu, Gcadd, and you are good to go.

The other workaround is printing. Den Schwab Apr 20, at I enjoyed the post and comments. I have successfully run Generic Cadd via Dosbox on 32 bit windows vista, 7, and 8. Thank you for visiting!

WinWorld: Generic CADD

After all, this is what the UI looks like: I still use Generic Cadd 6. You just type the command and go.

Boxer didn't provide me with any other choice, however. Aaron Ridling Sep 27, at For my workshop Generic Cadd is quick, accurate, and easy to learn. Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. Recent Comments Robin Capper on Archive: For example, I have no clue how to print to a postscript file.

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