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Sunday, July 27, 9: Click to load comments. And now that I see that MS is going to drop the ball on win xp to force us to use Vista and I saw that they have sp1 for vista already, and sp3 for xp, and update after update about security risks built into the system, and updates that at times do more harm than good, like loosing sound on a system that was working great till certain updates, and stuff like that from a major OS company is just a little too much to take. Here are a list of some improvements and modifications to the DirectX series up until the release of DirectX Your software is kinda like that guy in Bonds "Tommorow Never Dies" where the dude on the big screen tv is asked hows the program, and he responds with; "Filled with bugs, users will be updating for years" I dont intend to be a user if thats the case:

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Directx 10 for XP in Service Pack 3? Matt 10 years ago. I do not work for Microsoft. These attributes you mention are in no way unique to DirectX 10 alone.

I know that you can play some older games on Vista, but only if they support the ability for you to choose a sound codec other than the older DirectX ones. To wrap it up, this package is a solution for users who are still faithful to their Windows XP computers and don't want to upgrade to newer operating systems just because DirectX is no longer supported on Diretcx10.

Thanks for the links, but where can I download the setup? I do not work for Microsoft! Thursday, March 20, 8: Software started asking me to run everything as an administrator, when i already had the main account setup as administrator.

I've said my peace. I've talked to other game and software developers about what their take on DX 10 on XP was, and they said it could be done, and that it wasn't impossible. But it's not going to happen. Like other people before me have stated "Microsoft made DX10 just for Vista to give it more appeal" true enough, but even with DX 10 only features in games, in my opinion and from what I've seen, its still not worth it.

Easily Download and Install DirectX 10 for Windows XP

There was an unofficial attempt to create a DirectX 10 distribution that enabled you to get some of the benefits the update brings. Frank 10 years ago.

If they made linux a easy system for installing programs I would probably move to it. Vinay 10 years ago. I have not tried it. If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating flr, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

DirectX 10 - Download

Those kind of people are always just looking for the next big thing, and nothing more. My interpretation was they were saying that Vista had a system something like Java, Netframework and etc for just game development. I will be looking at Unix or Linux and I can always add windows x and make it look like I want. There will never be DX10 for Dorectx10.

How much does that suck? Most of us that worked support hated Vista as well - at least in my building. You can download it from here.

ThomasLee is linking you to DX 9. Click to load comments. If a video card is not even DirectX 9 compliant, Vista won't even install in the first place thus no DirectX I am free of direcxt10 empire now though. Vista may be technically the "new" Windows, but do you realize that in just a month and half, Vista RTM will be two years old???

Download DirectX 10 for Windows XP

Sunday, May 18, 2: If Microsoft did support this, it would be very, very limited if they did! I couldn't get Directx10 to work in XP, found it a little confusing and gave up.

I hate Vista too.

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