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Are we done talking? So the guy who wrote the book at the top of this page - is he in this forum? Can someone who has bought Denise please please please put a video on youtube of them using her. I got contacte by this guy from South Africa http: Ya'know, You can't keep her to yourself forever Anywho, may you and yours enjoy the spirit of the season.

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When done they could be added to Denise in order to expand her "brain".

Dec 11 Or are those just promo pictures rendered in 3dsmax? Windows could be her "home" if hardware is powerfull enought.

Before I accept the help from my investor, I had some other offers from big companies that I refuse because I would have to accept conditions that were totally against of what I think VH and AI should be. Denise is a very young software, but within only these two months of her existence, we have release more than 10 updates with fixes and new features.

I wonder if a brain file made of many files built using many connected PCs after months or some years will be good enought to generate a very "intelligent" virtual agent. Is it possible to change Denise dress according to the situation and time? I'd like to second Milkmoth's suggestion, if VHF has one foot in the grave, I'd like to be there to make sure it dosent die entirely. Can somebody let me know if it works ok now.

Sockets Direct Protocol http: Feb 02 Everything published on the Internet. Please, look your e-mail to proceed. Within years Denise "brain" should grow enought to be much more credible almost like a human being. Would you like to resume your last song?

Video cannot be played.

Anyone care to comment dfnise that Check'em out at http: I'll send an email in order to know when It will be ready" It would be great to add the possibility to set: Our financial partner were not affected by the world crisis thanks God!

Collect basic information necessary to evaluate a patient who presents with a mood disorder. I think these challenges are among the things that makes working with AI and virtual humans so great.

Sorry for not being here more posting my updates. One last question for everyone But then, I don't have to remind you of what you are already all too painfully aware of.

Who is Edward Fredkin? Then, we go working with Windows API, voice and speech recognition and advanced programming Everything in order to let her "grow" in any situation. Not to mention, Microsux hasn't updated their MS Agent technology in a decade! The pattern for this would be something like: Trouble is I only have one Vista machine and it always works fine on this of course.

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It doesn't take too much imagination to imagine the "possibilities" when Denise fully integrates with Kinect. I'm pretty sure it won't work on Windows 7 since there are MS Agent issues at this point.

This may be of some interest: UVHI for Playstation 3! This is good because we are not stuck with 3rd part vendors that sometimes vanish from one day to another.

I always say any news is good news.

In any case I will try and make a proper install next week to avoid confusion.

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