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This is helpful if you want to separate your proximity alerts into categories. Wiseguy02's other comments are stated as "likely" which does allow for those statements to not be the case. I use the POI's as a guide, but use my eyes to be absolutely sure. This is handy if you know where redlight cameras are in your area, and want to be reminded.

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One idea you might consider if you are into geocaching, is to download geocaches into EasyGPS and then name it with a "Redlight" type file name. The info below is still the registered address.

Use a new row for each POI.

Depending on the type of GPS you own, some work on proximity from all directions and others work on proximity from a given direction. Very impressed I have the as well but running taiwan firmware. Since the owner seems to have dumped Peter in it, hopefully he's keen to help out.

As far as the Nuvi is concerned, this is totally useless as all it will do is cause it to alarm twice which gets annoying really fast because it processes cameras based on their proximity to the vehicle, not which direction garmon vehicle is facing. For example, on a 65 mph freeway, I have an alert set at 72 mph.

Red Light and Speed Cameras

Then place a comma between gaemin coordinate and the name you want to use. There are numerous posts above yours. However, in some units this is not an option.

Kind regards Peter Girgis. This is a clear false statement and in no way from his experiences can he deduce I own the company It's not actually a clear statement to start with as I read it, so I don't see how it can be a clear false statement.

Free POIs, Speed Cameras, School Zone, Petrol etc [Archive] - GPS Australia

Yes they are but so far the only alert for them is an icon on the screen. Clearly you have no idea of the costs involved in administration or the amount of people who get screwed in the process.

Wiseguy02's other comments are stated as "likely" which does allow for those statements to not be the case. Which is always behind I guess. After you have this data, you can create the files. I have standards and ethics and disappointed in the the posts of some here, potentially dirty an innocent gagmin name for 30 bucks While it lists mobile camera locations, there are a lot of fixed cameras missing yeah but thats the info from doj the map is slow due to google this is the first ive seen where someones added the mobile xls in a google map interesting D.

That way, if you get within meters of a geocache you will be alerted. Thank you for pointing that out. Because of this, different sized Redlight GPI files may not have "more" or "less" information, they may have identical information but just different resources. Well camerw, I'm hoping that this will stay the same for some time to come, much better than all the ones I've joined before and was a gadmin of moeny.

For example, if you want to be alerted to a road hazard, or a reminder to call home to see if you need to stop at the store on your way home, you can create a POI and get an audible alert, with a red message on the top of the screen. I've got a list of speed, red light, bus lane and safety cameras that I keep and update when I pass them, but there are just so many I don't know about, keeping the list current is impossible.

Also found on the Garmin site "Safety Camera Subscription" https: It is either built into the price or shown as a seperate purchase. Archive View Return to standard view. Download from Garmin's website — Speed Cameras.

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Wiseguy02 states "Looks like he's now calling his company Navigation Solutions Pty Limited" This implies that I own the company and this is not correct. But the phone number isn't connected.

Sorry but there were about 50 Sydney area red light cameras converted to also detect speed hence 'safety cameras' earlier this year therefore I'd say is "out of date". But if there was an open source list in. I have a Garmin and use them without problems although, I have modified mine somewhat.

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