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Also alarm, clock, voice notes, calculator, Password Keeper. Log in or Sign up. The Curve has good voice calling quality and a loud speakerphone, an excellent push email experience, built-in WiFi and the latest Bluetooth v2.

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Log in or Sign up. If you are looking for free BlackBerry Curve apps, Pixelated is one nice blacjberry to download. If you're running an you may want to give this one a go. Available in a variety of colors you can also change It doesn't totally surround the device, but it does give that little bit of extra protection and adds some good grip at the same time.

Free apps download for Blackberry 8530

Most Bluetooth headsets worked well with the Curve in terms of voice quality and volume, and all Hands-Free features worked smoothly. The BlackBerry Curve is the CDMA version of the new generation of Curve smartphones with an optical trackpad and music playback controls on top of the smartphone. Route calculations are fast and re-routing is smooth.

The smartphone feels fast running multimedia apps like music and video, and it supports the new VZ Navigator 5. It increases the productivity by deploying more apps at the same time. qpps

The screen looks sharp and blafkberry bright. This is the most popular security app for BlackBerry at the moment. Continue reading and some of the coolest apps are waiting for you.

BlackBerry Curve Review - Smartphone Reviews by MobileTechReview

Blackberry some new fixes to tweak up the remaining bugs and get things running smooth. It can find where your phone is on a map in a situation where it was lost. With its no-contract plans, Boost rings in at one of the lowest Because viruses, spyware, and malware are everywhere. Like the older version, VZ Navigator 5 has traffic reporting, local search and location sharing with friends and family.

The smartphone has WiFi One advantage is the ability to share weather information with your family and friends. As always, use blakcberry when updating your OS. With Viigo you have the access to whatever you like.

Just like the Curvethe has a 2. Camera Like the BlackBerry Curvethe Curve also has a 2 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom and a fixed focus lens. If you are interested in getting the most out of your phone these free BlackBerry Curve apps are easily among the top selections. This is a fast and reliable way of messaging and you can invite multiple users to join your conversation. We tested the new VZ Navigator v5.

Voice Recorder, music and video player included. This product is currently available on all major operating platforms in 7 different languages.

BlackBerry Curve users get a treat today with this latest OS. By default the right convenience key launches the camera application. This addictive game is a great way to spend your free time testing your skills and luck.

BlackBerry Curve 8530

BlackBerry devices support a large variety of instant messaging features, with the most popular being the proprietary BlackBerry Messenger service. If you want to keep updated with almost everything including news, weather, sports, etc. No reports in yet on the good or bad of this hlackberry, but if you are looking for something to do today, why not give the upgrade a shot?

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