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RIM originally released version 5. If you do have a contact that is in your address book with this information but does not show try connecting the contact to your address book entry by doing the following:. Umm,another thing, i need some info about an application of blackberry, if i'm not mistaken, it's called blackberry locator. So I guess you can say that it can fax but not without some sort of service to help do this digitally. Other manufactures are too infant and are far from perfect they want to sell all these extra features.

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BlackBerry Outage No. 2 Caused By Database Issue: RIM

Can you check to make sure that pictures and other stuff is moved onto a Micro SD card see if that helps.

RichardG Honorary Master Aug 14, I'm not a blackberry user, but i'm considering to be one.

This way I do not need to run 5 different IMs on the phone. I would love to have an all-in-one-messaging service to make communication easier.

BlackBerry Messenger version 5.

BlackBerry Outage No. 2 Caused By Database Issue: RIM

Additionally, users can grab the new version of BBM now by visiting blackberry. I personally never change my status.

Can anyone provide the older version?? There are vereion party programs that have tried to let you synchronize even on BIS but I have not tried them yet so I cannot speak on them maybe some one else can. Apple iPhone XS Vs.

bbm – Dr. Yohan Naftali

Skip to secondary content. Post a comment and let us know! Page 1 of 2. Were on the same page nothing fancy just give me chat on those networks with the stability of BlackBerry Messenger. It would be nice to have at least dumbed evrsion features like chat and send receive files with these 3rd party IMs. I'm not sure but I do know that an SMS uses your phone system not the data hence the name short message system because they piggied on the left over phone signal. For most providers they would be glad to help you start off small and warn you when you get close to plan usages close to the end I know Rogers in Ontario does.

I only thing I can recommend is trial and error until you find the right plan.

I have to versikn an old calender in my purse because my BB is erasing everything. Mind you GPS and on the run and road stuff is where you will see it the most. I'm not sure about BlackBerry Messenger what it does when memory runs low.

With the recently released BlackBerry Messenger v5.

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RIM is good for doing simple things right. Also I just noticed what he was talking about. The second link worked, thanx deanstein. Is there any specific duration in which i should be aware of to avoid of being 'disconnected'? Versuon downloaded the new bbm version on my tourand now I cannot see my bbm icon again, pls help me. News Mobility Dell Exec: This allows you to receive, to send they have normally a number email like yourfaxnumber service.

My app world version is 5. Dolby Honorary Master Aug 11, To me, BlackBerry Messenger is about staying close to the people that matter verssion.

Please let me know if some where in there I did not answer your question. RIM has taken corrective action to restore service.

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