Battle of yavin

It was one of the Rebellion's first major victories. Some were using the fall of Palpatine as a year zero, but due to the significance of the battle and destruction of the Death Star, the date of the battle of Yavin was established by the council as the official year zero setting up a "BBY", Before the Battle of Yavin, and "ABY", After the Battle of Yavin calendar. Rebel Assault Star Wars: This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: In addition, they were also to some extent based on Joe Johnston's original vision of the meridian trench run.

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The Rebel technicians on Yavin 4 questioned this decision, but Luke reassured them that everything was all right. That was one in a million!

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Mothma, having heard of the victory, permanently discarded her contingency plan. Siege at Yavin Mentioned only Star Wars Following the preliminary attacks, a fleet of 22 X-wing8 Y-wingand 2 R Spearhead starfighters scrambled to assault the station. This article assumes several starships were present but does not include a specific number.

Every squadron color in the novelization besides Green had been used in prior incarnations assuming "Yellow" is a substitute for "Gold"and inGreen Squadron at Yavin was cited in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

The port was only two meters wide, however, and was situated in a narrow trench protected by turbolaser batteries.

Biggs is shot down shortly after. Please improve it in any way that you see fit, and remove this notice once the article section is more complete.

The small yavjn was a success and threw into confusion the Empire's defense and their ability to call reinforcements. After doing so and then preventing them from taking the Great TempleDodonna called X2 and Shara and informed them that Imperials had set up jamming systems that were interfering with the X-wing's engines.

Indirect mention only Star Wars: Only a single elite squadron of TIE fighters was deployed. In Star Wars fandom and the Star Wars expanded universethis event is especially significant as it is used to mark an epoch in the fictional Star Wars universe.

In our moment of triumph? Red Batfle splits the remaining X-Wings into two groups.

As Luke Skywalker makes his first strafing run, he inadvertently flies his X-Wing thorugh an explosion, which alarms his fellow pilots. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Battlle raids were carried out by small TIE squadrons launched from a small base near the Yavin system.

Maximilian Veers was on his way to report to the Death Star for his new assignment when the battle began. In early drafts of the Star Wars story, author George Lucas began inventing names of characters and planets and assigning roles and characteristics. Tyber's forces had to fight off not just another Rebel group, but also multiple pirate units as well, such as Rihkxyrk assault fighters and a Barloz -class medium freighter.

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The Super Star Destroyer Knight Hammer was destroyed here when it was diverted towards the planet's core after a collision with a Rebel vessel. It first appeared in the film Star Wars and is depicted as a large red gas giant with an extensive satellite system of moons.

The Rebels have been completely routed! Inferno SquadStar Wars: So Darth Vader, under the realization that there might be even a minor threat, scrambled his personal fighter squadron. An analysis of the plans identified a weakness in the battle station, placed there by unwilling engineer Galen Erso: By the time the crew regained control, the last Rebel ship jumped into hyperspace.

Darth Vaderon nearing completion of the Death Starhad kidnapped Princess Leia because the Empire was lead to believe the Rebel Alliance had btatle the Death Star's plans and that she was in possession of them.

There, she patched her wounds and stole a transport from the Rebel Base during the festivities. As the point of the mission is to stop the Rebel forces from destroying the Death Star, the trench portion of the mission's conclusion abttle non-canon. Betrayal at Bespin Star Wars Mentioned only Star Wars: Galactic Atlas Princess Leia: Views Read Edit View history.

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