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Be keen to hear your guys thoughts. You have to play it once and then exit it for the ram and eprom settings to be saved to file. Cheers adamcrp I'm glad that AA was able to help:

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I tried adding a copy of the game ini file to the shortcut folder, I then moved the shortcuts folder to the same folder as the MK6 EMU, same error The ahk script that I liosn written only seems to work once, so I have set it up to run as a pre-launch job and that seems to work fine.

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Aristocrat MK6 Emulator [Archive] - Aussie Arcade

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Possibly the way in which MA terminates the game. Have you downloaded and installed the AutoHotKey program?

There's plenty of strings in there which suggest all the hardware abstraction is not emulated, but rather implemented directly in Windows code - I suspect with hooks into the ROM routines.

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In a test, I downloaded one that I already have working and it looks like the roms within the zip files are named differently. Please only pm me if you have money ready to go and can pay straight away when we get enough people together.

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Ilegal in argentina,my country and most country in the world,but Spacebar will press the last pressed button so you can always just choose what you want emhlator bet, click it once, then do the full screen switch and continue betting with space bar.

You guys should check this game http: So, I suppose to get them working we will have to rename them correctly, any idea where you can get the correct roms names from?

When you get to the MAME alphabetical page click the rom you require and when the page comes up for downloading scroll down and you will see a table with choices. Go back to the table and select slider control and select one of the four options at the bottom of the schedule and by pressing the side arrows it will be obvious how to customize your machines so the cards will appear square and the position will fill up your whole screen.

A strange thing that I have noticed is that if I play a mk6 game through MA, any changes I make to the machine setting, like change from 1c to 2c, or the amount of money in the game, the setting are not retained. Does anyone know please I've uploaded the emulator and a few games.

MAME - Slots emulators - aristocrat History.dat v1.06a

Quickly view the read me file I will finally be able to prove to someone I know that he is stupid for thinking that had he picked the miner that ended up with 3 pictures as a substitute that he actually would have gotten that!!!

Seeks deals that want know your. Haven't been able to work this one out either. The software was 'development grade code' and as such a bit dodgy to say the least. Hey guys, I've enjoyed the thread actually why I signed up for and found some useful tips. Aristocrat is very protective of their IP and will come down on anyone sharing it like a ton of bricks. Will only add a few games to save to size I easily got for free Adobe Acrobat here http: It would be good to know what we are getting, maybe we should contact the seller to see exactly what roms etc you get in both packs?

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