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This is the opposite to manually typing in difficult commands. For example you might embed an uncommon font type into a word document. An email client is a program that lets you read, create emails, send, reply to, read, and manage your emails. Computer engineering is a field of study that combines training in electrical For example you might request that your computer saves a document or maybe prints it.

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Back-end Back-end refers to the part of an application that performs an essential task not apparent to the user. A LAN local area network connection method.

A word typed would contain a number of characters.

Computer Science Dictionary -

Computer engineering is a field of study that combines training in electrical There are thousands of types of cybercrime, including network intrusions, identity theft and the spreading of computer viruses. To choose something so you can carry out an action on that item. Think of it as starting up your computer. An termms or inbuilt circuit board that is attached to your motherboard to give additional capabilities to your computer. You can type a command into the run box or you can choose one from the many menus in Windows.

You can add soundcards, internal modems, Twrms cards, and moreā€¦ Power Supply: An area in which information can be entered in and contained to that area. Copy, paste, cut, open, undo, are all examples of commands available from a menu. Or it could be how your computer system is configured to boot. Broadcasting is a useful feature in e-mail systems. Each device needs Software to make it run.

The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary

A list in point form that is numbered sequentially as the steps are listed. Antivirus protection program that is available to buy. Definitions used in data center management, including hardware, virtualization and cloud computing. You cannot write on a cd-rom disc. It is a chip attached to the motherboard and controls and calculates data and is a vital part of your computer. It can be a commercial enterprise or a personal project.

From A3 to ZZZ this guide lists 1, text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate and understand today's texting lingo. This means that the program was set to autostart if a camera was attached to the computer. A minor problem that occurs in a software program.

This facility can also be built in and is then know as onboard graphics. Therefore when a webpage is requested through an internet browser the web server serves it to you. A command to clear or delete information.

You can ping a website by using its domain name or you can ping a computer on your network by using its IP address. Because GIF files are compressed, they can be quickly and easily transmitted over a network.

When you are online you might browse through Cyberspace. For example Google search sends a spider out to search for new websites to add dictionarg Google search results.

A small program that can be set automatically to appear on your computet when the computer has not been in use for a certain length of time. Then you can save the scanned information as a file. Usually refers to some type of formatted information that contains text, tables, or forms. What speed is your processor, how much memory you have, automatic updates settings, your computer name, and more.

This guide describes the basics of Java, providing an overview of syntax, variables, data types and

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