Eroom 7 client

The search will only return results for files to which the user has the proper access rights. The site member list will contain one or more communities of users. When used in conjunction with the eRoom Enterprise product, this search will also locate and display file items that are linked from a Documentum Content Server.

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Linked files are not cached on the eRoom server: Communities provide more flexible logical grouping and segregation options to administrators.

Give these instructions for uninstalling the eRoom plug-in to your local support desk. By requiring that these fields be filled out, the data and file are cataloged in a predefined, consistent way. Dashboards provide eRoom members with the ability to view summary information from databases, calendars, and project plans in different eRooms, with an option to access their dashboards from My eRooms.

All URLs in email sent by eRoom correctly reference the reverse proxy server, not the internal server name. Note that you need a separate Information Rights Management IRM policy server for each eRoom site in which you want to enable rights management. File-blocking allows site administrators to optionally block certain file types from being uploaded or opened in eRoom on a site-wide basis.

eRoom 7 Client

Microsoft Windows is fully supported. This is commonly used when customers have users accessing their site from outside the corporate network and connecting via a reverse proxy server, plus internal dlient connecting directly to the eRoom servers. Linked folders and linked files in eRoom 7. Linked folders offer bidirectional file synchronization between eRoom and Content Server repositories. With this button enabled, site security is increased because users can no longer save passwords from one session to another.

It also enables knowledge workers to update and report on the progress of their own project items from within their work environment.

Ability for site administrators to merge site member accounts. PPT slides automatically to other meeting participants.

If possible, can you log in to Deloitte OnLine using another machine and get the same results? The search results are read-only, and include a rank and check box for selecting the file. Thumbnails provide a quick snapshot of a file for easy viewing and visual retrieval. Version 7 includes the ability to:. Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties to find operating system information.

A new item called a project plan is now available within eRoom. Whether via the web browser or from within MMC, administrators have a single place to go to perform important management tasks Administrative benefits:. Users can now login once to an eRoom "site" and access eRooms across multiple servers contained within that site.

Use a "presentation" mode that allows meeting erolm to present Microsoft PowerPoint. In addition to the display of the navigation map and the search interface, eRoom 7 adds a third tab that lets users see their active tasks within the eRoom. The search will only return results for files to which the user has the proper access rights.

Rooms in a locked community cannot be searched, and no eRooms or facilities can be created in a locked community. Custom eroo allow developers to add new features eriom UI commands that extend functionality to perform custom operations.

Self-service password recovery option: Support for mandatory properties for content server linked file properties from eRoom requires Webtop server: To make sure your browser is completely supported, please check the client requirements listing at the eRoom product section of the Documentum web site.

eRoom 7 Client - Should I Remove It?

Are multiple browsers installed? After the plug-in software is reinstalled, please ensure that virus protection in enabled. Multiple custom roles offer coordinators the convenience of assigning members to erook or more custom roles so they can organize users in eRoom-specific groupings that might differ from community-level groups.

Close any and all web browser sessions on your workstation.

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