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There isn't a shred of aggression or technicality to be found here, it isn't remotely challenging or difficult to listen to, rather the album is extremely polished, safe, and accessible. Retrieved 8 April In February , " April Rain " was revealed to be the first single from this album when it became available for purchase online. We start off with the title track.

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Each song has rather direct musical hooks, but they also have well written emotional ones, too, and everyone who listens to this album will probably like different ones. General Comment Great song.

Delain - April Rain - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

It just depends on the individual, this one does. The songs are made in such a way that Qpril inherent ability to make a hooky song become ridiculously infectious and sweet is used to its fullest potential.

To actually get to the meat of the matter at hand aoril, what is hands down the best thing about this album is the utterly beautiful, stunningly smooth and highly emotive vocal performance of Charlotte Wessels.

Indeed, as Empyreal put it, her voice will 'make any man melt'. This is, for all intents and purposes, 'pop metal', with strong symphonic and melodic underpinnings, and a touch of goth here and there.

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Retrieved 8 April Good god, what a bunch of man-whores. Delzin metal like this has always been very hit and miss with many metal fans, including myself. We Are the Others An epic, simple but effective guitar solo tops it off and as the song fades out I realize this was a raon album.

Given the downtuned, mostly amelodic nature of the guitars, the keyboards and symphonics take full prominence, often burying the guitars and relegating them to a sort of bass guitar-esque role.

April Rain

Retrieved from " https: February "Stay Forever" Released: For an album with such flagrant pop sensibilities, it is honestly quite astonishing how consistent April Rain is. Westerholt manages to do so much arin so little as far as the orchestral aspect is concerned, with his bare-bones synth and piano arrangements absolutely dripping in melodies that hook you immediately and refuse to let go.

All of this fits together, to produce something that manages to be commercial and simple, and yet so deep and beautiful that I could listen to this all day. His intelligent intros and piano breaks give April Rain its charm.

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It is a blatant potshot at our radios, especially with the major label support and glossy production, though not straying too much to 'the other side'. The guitar solos on both of the mentioned songs are very simple in nature but very catchy. In fact, the whole production job is fantastic, a highly professional and sleek job that is indicative of a label like Roadrunner in all the best ways. Demo versions of "Stay Forever" and "Start Swimming" were already played live by Delain in and It makes my jaw drop in awe of its beauty every time I listen to it.

It is rather humorous, though, how Marco Hietala or other Tarot members seemingly have to appear in every single female-fronted release coming out of the Scandinavian regions. You know, originality is not the only thing that can make a band good. On 13 Marchthe Dutch website of Roadrunner Records put the entire album up for streaming, only available to residents of the Netherlands. This young talented band will go a long way and can even become the next Nightwish if they continue to write songs like this.

When the album is good, it's mesmerizing, and when it's not as good, it's still great. Being aesthetically appealing and pleasing to the ears is one thing, but making something that resonates so deeply within the listener is quite another.

The instruments themselves sound good, too. But delaon you want to call this album heavy metal, gothic metal, pop metal or jazz, the most important thing of all is that the album rocks! EmpyrealAugust 25th, Charlotte's verses sail along with majesty whilst freely twinkling piano playing accompanies them before the chorus hammers in with more driving guitar, energizing synths, and Charlotte's heavenly voice.

The guitar tone is a modern, downtuned one, though it isn't remotely muddy or sludgy. Indeed, simple heart and conviction can take a band just as far as pioneering a new kind of music can.

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