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Supply voltage is 12 V AC. In this case "No activity" is defined as: A cow's movements, hour by hour for 5 days Step 2, Identifying a motion pattern The processor now uses the data from all the days of recording to make an advanced statistical calculation. STATE is the setting recommended, it considers the normal variations in the cows' motion pattern.

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The application starts when Windows starts see Registry key: It is then possible to detect if one sending is received by more than one antenna. Discussion in ' Dairy Farming ' started by jimmerApr 18, The default limit values 50, 60 and 70 are marked in the picture with appplication. If the limit is changed from 50 to 40 the activity list will increase with the number of cows represented by the yellow bar.

The recommended settings are: It does not tell you how likely the cow will be in heat. The digit can applicatiln between 0 and This display makes it possible to correct cows with wrong tag numbers by connecting them to the right tag number. The actual activity start time is shown.

What is AlproSync.exe?

On the activity list applicatjon can, among other tings, see: It helps Windows select the right program to open the file. The whole system is modular and you can add onto it. Make sure that the ALL-field is selected on the first row.

Sensitivity 3 requires 3 consecutive hours etc. Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points.

The No RF sending is by default switched off, i. Different incidents in the barn might also affect some cows.

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To get a good time spreading of the signals and to avoid that two tags are sending at the same time the activating procedure should take place during one hour. If the activity data is older apppication 24 h no activity data will be shown. All Fabrication Partners receive a unique user name and password.

Just meters and no computer link? What is a file extension? Yes, my password is: Check activity twice a day! If there has been a sending, a time is shown.

Delivered in a box containing 50 tags. If you experience any issues with installation of AlproSync.

ALPRO™ herd management system

The message is sent one time each hour. When a tag is activated it will send out a signal once every hour. Shows also last sending from tag without corresponding cow number, i.

Checking the heat symptoms is still very important! A file extension is the characters after the last dot in a file name.

If one group is programmed in function 7, the group number will be given instead. For each hour of the day, the movements of every single cow are considered. Work through the list, cow by cow and consider her status.

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