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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. I'm a big fan of the TV series Gunsmoke. Brush at Elkader James Nusser.

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The one that always touches me the most is The Round-Up. Gunsmoke was also unique from other Westerns in that it was unsponsored for the first few years of production. For the life of me I don't understand why Meston didn't get better recognized for his work since it shows if a story is well written it makes all the difference. Even though it was gynsmoke fair duel, radi Doc was a Yankee and an outsider he was forced to flee.

Twelfth Night Helen Kleeb reused script. This is such a magnificent collection. The Last Apachepremiered. William Conrad, as Matt Dillon does a superb performance and is a joy to listen to and really carries the show with the excellent supporting cast of characters and the interplay between Matt, Chester, Doc and Kitty along with some great guest stars and such is unique among radio shows old time and otherwise.

Gentlemen's Disagreement reused script. In the end, the primary roles were all recast, with Arness taking the lead role of Marshal Matt Dillon on the recommendation of Wayne, who also introduced the pilot ; Dennis Weaver playing Chester Goode; Milburn Stone radioo cast as Dr. First, for those that aren't already fans of the series or familiar with the characters: Mavis McCloud Eleanor Tannin.

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Again, Conrad's sense of what the program would be supervened, and Chester was born. So is it possible for a pooled effort to cut booze ads off TV tunsmoke The Archive? The effects were subtle but multilayered, giving the show a spacious feel. The role became Conrad's greatest achievement, and must be considered as perhaps the best portrayal of show character ever heard on radio.

Gunsmoke - Old Time Radio Shows - OTR

Dillon as portrayed by Conrad was a lonely, isolated man, toughened by a hard life. With a resonantly powerful and distinctive voice, Conrad was already one of radio's busiest actors. Warren asked Wayne if he knew James Arness, and Mr. The ability to download these wonderful programs was an awesome enhancement and also much appreciated! Paleya fan of the Philip Marlowe radio serial, asked his programming chief, Hubell Robinson, to develop a hardboiled Western series, a show about a "Philip Marlowe of the Old West".

He was tough and took no crap from anyone. What's fun is listening to the radio side, then dvd side from say, Mac and Meston gives one to pick as Meston did variations to his tv side both became plus multipliers. Gilligan's IslandGilligan's Island producer Sherwood Schwartz states that the wife of CBS's president pressured her husband not to cancel Gunsmoke inso the network cut Gilligan's Island instead.

There is definitely a reason it ran so long on TV and Radio.

Arness appeared in all five films. I can hear a story was my grandpa child haha.

Gunsmoke - (480 Mp3 downloads available)

Pence played by Judson Pratt. The series remained in the top 10 until the —74 television season.

For me it is always a huge bonus to find a radio show with the original commercials included. William Conrad was one of the last actors who auditioned for the role of Marshal Dillon. The Promise aka The Handcuffs.

William Conrad had such a wonderful voice gubsmoke radio and he also was a better actor in every respect than James Arness. In Meston's view, "Dillon was almost as scarred as the homicidal psychopaths who drifted into Dodge from all directions. Who are the Thompson Bro Would you like to create an account?

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