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By the time I arrived everything was in place. I carry within me what I need to move forward. Can you shut retrospection off at will, or does the fact of compiling a record like this, and then being interviewed about it, force you to look back anyway? Can you hear that similarity too, and if so, was it intentional?

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I do know that this is one of the most trite and unoriginal questions one can ask, but there is always the hope that the response will be interesting nonetheless. Can a piece of music in some way be altered simply by taking it out of one context and placing it in another context and another dynamic, and if so, can you give specific examples of this?

Sleepwalkers - Selecting Tracks How did you decide which tracks should go on the album?

{ } A Necessary Evil

How do you feel about xylvian interview process? Sit and practice conscious awareness. The process of selection comes down to personal preference and availability of the material.

It takes an enormous effort of foe to change this involving a recognition of the condition and the prescribed antidote to be administered. What tracks were considered for inclusion but then left off, and why? Thoughts on the Interview Process How do you feel about the interview process? How do you feel about their decision?

I am awake in this moment now, awake to the stimuli around me, not lost in thought, reflection, projections into the future, waking dream states od. On a later occasion I remember everything coming into focus at a session in Vienna with Keith Rowe, Michael Moser and Werner Dafeldecker, that justified a particular approach I had chosen to take and which confirmed the direction of my work for the next few years.

I enjoy hearing dramatic contrasts in a body of work as much as I enjoy something that was designed with a more conceptual uniformity. Culture as comfort food. What have been the most creatively rewarding moments during this period for you? Basically thhe occurs to you in summing the collaboration up. Whatever the distance travelled that is how long you were asleep and so on throughout your lifetime.

David Sylvian:For The Love Of Life Lyrics

Can you name times and places and people where something clicked and things fell into place? In terms of direction, the projects all potentially point in differing directions from the electronic to the orchestral to more traditional forms of song writing.

The next day we recorded and rapidly covered all the ground necessary. Perhaps I should rephrase that question and ask about books from your recent past.

It might sound odd ddavid say it but the experience of meeting and working with Stina was something akin to reconnecting with a long absented but loved sibling. Do you sometimes find yourself being amused by pretentious journalists tying themselves in knots to interpret your music and sometimes trying too hard? What can you tell us about that collaboration: You intuit something of which the mind has only the slightest inkling.

From my standpoint, I simply responded to what I heard.

Steve, Stina and myself spent a wonderful evening together walking Stockholm, talking about everything under the sun. I am here, now.

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Is this a balance you try to lite at all as you work, or do you simply let the chips fall where they may? To be somewhat introspective does tend to make one wish for a more or less private existence but, as a writer, simultaneous with that desire, is another that intends to share work which one feels might be of interest or beneficial in some capacity or another.

Are song-based structures somehow by their very nature more superficial, or can the restrictions of working within a defined frame or format produce depth in other ways?

Working within a given form or limiting oneself by other means often produces the more interesting results. Can you hear that similarity too, and if so, was it intentional? Would you agree that this trait makes for better personal insight, but lifr reluctance to actually share it, i. That piece had a very simple sense of rightness about it. Without the general application the material is virtually worthless.

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