Cognos sample database

Click the Import and transfer data from files into metric store metric task. These reports are meant to be simple list reports with no formatting. Review the run time and click OK. Create users with select privileges for tables in multiple schemas. Type a unique name and an optional description and screen tip for the deployment archive, select the folder where you want to save it, and then click Next.

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The Event Studio user runs the sample agent against the changed data. The following sample models provide information for the fictional company, the Great Outdoors and are provided with IBM Cognos IBM Cognos 8 provides sample databases that contain sales, marketing, and financial information for a fictional company named the Great Outdoors Company that sells sporting equipment.

In the Select Language page, cognox the design language for the project. The Event Studio user informs you when the agent has completed running.

In addition to Analytics Dashboarding which is the completely new feature in v11, you will also learn about what users and author ssmple by upgrading from older v10 or v8 why upgrade, and why not. Click Finishspecify the time and date for the run, then click Run.

Import the Cognos 10 Trial GOSALES schema (with data) into Oracle Database - Stack Overflow

In the Query window, under Part 2select all lines of code that appear after the comments. This script will ask you the connection parameters of your Oracle database and create the schemas with sample data.

If you define a UNIX path and you plan to use Framework Manager, you must also define the Windows path and ensure that the cube catabase also available in the Windows location.

After you finish using the sample reports to learn about IBM Cognos 8, including Framework Manager, you can delete the packages on which the samples are based.

The files are compressed, and you must extract them before you can restore the databases or schemas. This directory contains zip files for the different languages, such as EN. After you complete these tasks, use IBM Cognos 8 to run the sample reports or scorecards.

Also, ensure that the IBM Cognos 8 service is running. You must also cognoe data source connections to the samples databases.

First Guide to Dashboards using IBM Cognos Analytics (V11)

There is a compressed file with the Cognos BI darabase. Sign up using Facebook. For information about moving models from one platform to another, see the Framework Manager User Guide.

You cognso now use the sample packages to create reports and analyses in Report Studio, Query Studio, and Analysis Studio, view extracts in Metric Designer, or create agents in Event Studio. In Essbase Administration Services console, right-click the database you created and select Load Data.

In the Specify the general options page, select whether to include access permissions and references to external namespaces, and who should own the entries after they are imported. It also has the query items required by the Event Studio samples.

Both Microsoft XML 6. The model accesses a dimensional relational data source. Before you create the data source connections, you must restore the backup coggnos for the samples databases. My ultimate goal is to: Click Finishand then select frequency and start and end dates.

Cognos gosales database

Databasd you select a deployment archive, it is important to click Edit and specify a target name for the package to prevent an existing package from being overwritten. Setup tasks are required only for Microsoft Analysis Services cubes and Essbase cubes.

To use this data source, you must create a package using this data source in Framework Manager, and then publish the package. A code of -1 indicates that follow-up is required.

Installing the IBM Cognos Samples - CognosSource

On the Configuration tab, click Data Source Connections. You can also run the sample reports that are available on the Public Folders tab in the portal.

If an error occurs, click Clear staging area rejected data logsClear metric history data onlyand Clear metric history and calendar data. To test whether the parameters are correct, click Test the connection For MSAS, this is a network login.

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