Gopro hero 3 software update

Now you need to put all 4 software update files on the root level of your SD card. How to update the software on the GoPro Hero 3 Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. After registering your camera with GoPro and entering your device's information as requested, you'll have the option to set up the Wi-Fi network created by your GoPro once it's activated.

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The update will not work if you place this entire zip folder on the MicroSD card.

How to update the software on the GoPro Hero 3 - CNET

A window will open that vopro you the contents of your SD card. Fill in all of the information on the first page including serial number, name, and email address. Insert a blank MicroSD card.

You have the following options:. Alright, now that that's out of the way, visit GoPro. Using a GoPro to capture your first bungee jump, a skydiving experience, or a 5K race is a fun way to document your experience.

Don't show this again. Remember; do not double-click on any of these files.

GoPro Official Website - Capture + share your world - HERO3

You should see 00 on the file counter, indicating that your camera's software update was successful and your camera is ready to use. The red lights on your camera will begin blinking and the camera will start updating its own software. In my case, even using Safari and having enabled the latest version of Java, I couldn't get past this screen. Doing so will ensure your media is safe should anything go wrong during the upgrade process.

After registering udate camera with GoPro and entering your device's information as updatf, you'll have the option to set up the Wi-Fi network created by your GoPro once it's activated. Safely eject your SD card: The battery level indicator should show at least 2 bars.

In updatf rare occasion it doesn't do this automatically, power it off manually. To prepare the camera for the update, please do the following: Step updaet - Set Up Wireless Note: I wasn't able to follow the instructions please elaborate below. Where does it apply? Feedback Please tell us how we can make this article more useful. Do not double-click on any of these files. Double-check that you have the correct files for your camera: The final step in the process is to unplug the camera and wait a few seconds for it to power off.

Plug your camera into your computer via USB before proceeding. Simply click the "Download Update File" button and your update will be downloaded.

Some reasons her you'd want to manually re-update the camera's software would be 1 if your camera freezes on the video camera icon right when you power it on, 2 the GoPro App isn't connecting to the aoftware or showing live preview, or 3 you want to change your camera's Wi-Fi name and password. Either way, you'll eventually need to download the software and move it to the memory card stored in your device.

How to update your HERO3

Get started with the softawre update by syncing all photos and videos off of your memory card. Updating the software on your shiny new GoPro Hero 3 is a simple process, but one that takes a bit of time.

The GoPro site uses the latest version of Java to detect your camera's serial udate and help you complete the upgrade. Step 1 — Prepare Camera: If your camera is connected to the computer, physically disconnect your camera from the computer, and make sure the camera is powered OFF.

Since I have access only to a Hero 3, I won't goprl able to provide instructions for updating other models. Open your SD card by double-clicking on it.

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