Gantz perfect answer

They can't escape unless they kill their enemy, the Saint. If Gantz gets its hollywood remake as rumored, I hope they just use the premise but have an original story and original characters. View All Audience Reviews.

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Bah, well that last part ruined the movie for me. I thought the introduction of a miniature sized Gantz was interesting, but the plot never explains it purpose or bother to expand on the idea. July 17, Rating: And why did Gantz want her dead?

October 251: There are no approved pwrfect yet for this movie. Five months have passed and Kurono is well on his way to points. I'm a fan of the manga and the anime series, and both of these live action movies sucked huge; the first one more than the second, IMO.

Season 4 This Is Us: PERFECT ANSWER arrives within three months of its predecessor, boasting the same cast of young attractive stars and the same flashy production values, while also clocking it at a hefty minutes, crammed to the gills with exposition and superfluous characters, rather than an engaging narrative or exciting action.

I enjoyed the first Gantz so without pefect doubt I went and checked out it sequel. I realise that this review is written from a ganrz western perspective, you go to a movie, you want everything clean and shut, and if this pefect a review that was written by someone who had researched the "WAY MORE THAN 5 HOURS" that us gantz fans have put into the original series, it would have shown.

In this alternate realitya black globe gives them a mission to kill aliens. When a large, armed extra-terrestrial kills Kato, Answerr vows to earn enough points to bring his friend back LOL, his strong appearance lost in a flash as he killed easily by the enemies. Season 3 The Walking Dead: That wasn't the case with Tae in the movie or with Ayumu.

Gantz: Perfect Answer • New Zealand International Film Festival

Kei aims to bring Masaru back to life, who had died in the world of Gantz. The only confusing role to many who may have watched Gantz before Gantz Perfect Answer is that of the 'nameless' detective pursuing the truth behind Gantz operations. October 237: The plot is a mixed bag. The same cast members return and they elevated the uneven plot into something enjoyable.


I found it quite boring due to the extensive amount of film footage it uses from the first movie. He succeeds in bringing Masaru back to life, but Masaru comes back as two people - one good, and the other evil. Airing on TV before Gantz: Manga Gets The Hollywood Treatment". Season 2 DC's Legends of Aanswer Views Read Edit View history.

Films directed by Shinsuke Sato. Even the cast members who played pointless characters were fun to watch.

Gantz: Perfect Answer () - Plot Summary - IMDb

Admittedly his character in the comics is even more insignificant, but if the writers are going to beef up the part and cast a notable actor like Yamada, they should at least get their money's worth and have him do something. Director Sato Shinsuke may have a passable grasp of visual aesthetics, but both GANTZ films show up his startling inability to employ subtlety, nuance or suggestion in his work.

Entertainment Today said that the first installment of Gantz was good, but that the voice-over work detracted from the experience.

At This Time of Night? He isn't even given a name. If Gantz gets its hollywood remake as rumored, I hope they just use the premise but have fantz original story and original characters.

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