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Certain facts may date, but at least it will be a reliable source for a few years. As of [update] in the fifteenth edition of Britannica , Dale Hoiberg , a sinologist , was listed as Britannica's Senior Vice President and editor-in-chief. WHAT exactly, is so special about physical items that makes you want to have them take up so much space in your home? Monitor Daily Current Issue. Retrieved 27 March

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The covers are battered and the pages well-thumbed. While Britannica' s authors have included writers such as Albert EinsteinMarie Curieand Leon Trotskyas well as notable independent encyclopaedists such as Isaac Asimov ehcyclopedia, some have been criticized for lack of expertise.

Encyclopedia Britannica's final print edition on verge of selling out

Can I live without it? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Now it's all on the company intranet. Innear the end of this era, the Britannica celebrated its bicentennial. The Britannica's 1st edition is described as "deplorably inaccurate and unscientific" in places. William Bentonthen a vice president of the University, provided the working capital for its operation. This kind of knowlege is not only worth keeping, but when I have children, they probably won't know what a encyclopdeia looks like - not to mention, the authority of things like this are inconcievable.

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More from the web. DIY novelist sells 1m ebooks. Loading comments… Trouble loading? On the other hand, our newly acquired iPad seems as if it might have the potential to fill the same role. Retrieved 6 April Yeah I got this huge encydlopedia thing with a bunch of scribbles and colors and I'm going to throw it away because it takes up so much space. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Once an online subscription has been bought, you should be able to keep the download for good. They belonged to my grandmother.

Many britznnica articles were copied from the 7th edition; contributors including William Thomson ; authorized American sets printed by Little, Brown in Boston; encycoopedia, sets sold altogether. My kids are essentially baffled by my purchase.

Since my uncle's only, probably, slightly older than Mr. But what of the kids who will no longer grow up in the beneficent shadow of the physical volumes, or be guided in their learning by happy chance, as when they go looking for "kookaburra" and accidentally encounter "komodo dragon" on an adjacent page?

In this was offered free, and no revised print versions appeared. That is the last time the Guardian thought it worth investing in a new hard-copy edition of the series. Archived from the original on 14 August There isn't always time to do this though. Its handsomely-presented volumes have been in print since they were first published in Edinburgh in It can be stated without fear of contradiction that the 15th edition of the Britannica accords non-Western cultural, social, and scientific developments more notice than any general English-language encyclopedia currently on the market.

The first is that I once unloaded my record collection, roughly 2, albums, because the CD revolution had begun and records were no longer being made.

Non-subscribers are served pop-ups and advertising. I am a very "Keep nothing" kind of person. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. What makes them want to take up so much space? Yannias' tenure at Britannica. The Britannica has an Editorial Board of Advisors, which includes 12 distinguished scholars:

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